Challenge yourself. Decode / find / share famous quotes. 4/5 stars - PocketFullOfApps UK reviewer ★★★★★ Great game – very addictive US reviewer ★★★★★ ...

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Challenge yourself. Decode / find / share famous quotes. 4/5 stars - PocketFullOfApps UK reviewer ★★★★★ Great game – very addictive US reviewer ★★★★★ Clever game. Keep coming back to it.Quoth is an exciting new twist to the word puzzles you’ve seen before. Use your knowledge and skills to fill in missing letters of famous quotes, sayings and anecdotes; earn awards along the way and pass on your favorite sayings to friends and family. T_e s_perior m_n t_inks _lw_ys of virt_e; t_e common m_n t_inks of comfort. ConfuciusEach puzzle features a quote from one of 40 categories ranging from sports, to movies to motivation to humor. Your mission is to use your code breaking prowess to fill in all the missing letters, using the fewest number of clues and least amount of time to attain your highest score. Beginners have more clues and guesses; experts get fewer clues and guesses. Only _hos_ who ar_ asl__p mak_ no mis_ak_s. Ingvar Kamprad If for some reason you get stuck on a puzzle, don't fret! You can cheat (we won't tell anyone)! Push the "cheat" button at the top of the screen to get more chances or extra time. N_b_dy in f__tball sh__ld be _alled a geni_s. A geni_s is a g_y like N_rman Einstein. Joe Theismann One last thing about Quoth: Whenever you discover a quote you find amazing you can instantly share it with friends via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or E-mail. F_om _hat _e get, _e can make a living; _hat _e give, ho_eve_, makes a life. Arthur AsheHere are some key features of Quoth:※ Select one letter and all of the same letter are also selected ※ Whether your native English is American or the Queen's, you can play Quoth using the dictionary spelling you prefer ※ Modify the screen size to see the entire quote, or play the level a few words at a time※ Forward quotes to your friends or favorite great quotes in the game for a future pick me up. ※ Over 40 categories of quotes, 12,000 quotes… or over 4 days of non-stop game play※ Rankings - From Beginner to Quote Master (>1M points required) ※ Difficulty - free levels for the average enthusiast, hard and expert puzzles for the cryptogram crazies among us Follow us on twitter @quoth1 Feel free to give us feedback at quoth@thinknao.com Have fun! What the fool does in the end the wise man does in the beginning. Unknown Author


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Recommended age: 9+

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