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Quran Study Workbook Lite

************************************************** * Please note: For one week only * The full version of the app is - 66% off - $4.99 ************************************************** *********************************************** * ...

Discontinued App


************************************************** * Please note: For one week only * The full version of the app is - 66% off - $4.99 ************************************************** *********************************************** * This is the LITE version of the app. * The LITE version provides 6 Surahs only. * The LITE version has all the functionality available in the full version. * The FULL version has the complete Quran *************************************************** Are you a student of the Quran or always wanted to study the Quran in a systematic approach? Quran Study Workbook is an excellent way of studying the Quran using a word by word analysis approach and at the same time utilizing the best in mobile technology. Take this workbook wherever you go and study the words, root words, take unlimited notes and listen to beautiful recitations of the Quran. Quran Study Workbook can save you hundreds of dollars, as it is a complete Quran study solution which means you don’t need to invest in paper-based work books for each juz (para) of the Quran. Features: o Study each ayat and the word by word meaning. o Access the Quranic root words and their detailed description. o Take unlimited notes on each ayat and store them for later reference. o Bookmark any ayat. o Play the recitation ayat by ayat or in continuous mode. o Listen to the recitation of many popular Qari’s including: - Mishaary Rashed Alafasy - Abu Bakr Ash Shatry - Husary - Ghamadi - Hudhaify - Muhammad Jibril - Ibrahim Al-Akhdar - Ajamy o Review translations from Sahih International, Yusuf Ali or Mawdudi o Transliteration is available in english


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