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Qwick Codes Mobile Wallet - use in more places than any other mobile wallet. Spend, give, donate and save your money without worry. Qwick Codes allows ...

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Qwick Codes Mobile Wallet - use in more places than any other mobile wallet. Spend, give, donate and save your money without worry. Qwick Codes allows you to use your smartphone to create dynamic, one-time use, account numbers (tokens) that replace your credit and debit card information.  Instead of handing over your plastic cards, you can scan or type a Qwick Code from your smartphone at the point of purchase or at the ATM. This reduces the risk of your card data being captured and cloned.   With Qwick Codes Mobile Wallet, you can have secure, digital access to all of the cards you carry in your wallet or purse. Unlike other mobile wallets, Qwick Codes converts your static card data to secure, one-time use Qwick Codes which can be redeemed for actual card swipe data at ATMs, eCommerce sites and for in-person transactions. This dynamic information is used to enable mobile payment convenience without sacrificing security. You can securely link your credit or debit cards to Qwick Codes by launching the application and swiping your cards in the connected secure card reader authenticator (SCRA), (iDynamo can be used on iOS devices; download the application from the App Store or access at www.qwickcodes.com). Merchants can process your Qwick Codes just like regular ATM, credit and debit cards, but will not have access to your real card data. Qwick Codes is NOT like Prepaid Debit.  Qwick Codes Mobile Wallet is an annual subscription service based on a flat fee.  Once your cards are registered, you can create as many Qwick Codes as you want, as often as you want. You will see charges against your credit and debit card accounts ONLY when a valid Qwick Code is redeemed with participating merchants and ATMs.  Once a Qwick Code has been used, it cannot be used again, making your card data more secure.    Qwick Codes Mobile Wallet is Secure Tokenization is a recognized data security technology that protects sensitive card data. Merchants like it because they don't have access to your sensitive card information and it's great for you because you can safely pay without worrying if your card data might be stolen.   With Qwick Codes, you take control! Want to limit a shopping trip to $100? You set the spending limit! Want to allow a relative to withdraw $40 from an ATM? You control the transaction! Want to pay in-store or online using your mobile phone? You can keep your card data safe! The control of Qwick Codes is in your hands, without worrying that your sensitive card data could end up in the wrong hands. Key Features: Use Qwick Code tokens to make payments and get cash instead of handing over credit and debit cards Access Qwick Codes in the cloud from your smartphone or personal computer Easy to use SCRAs connect to your iOS device The MagneSafe™ Security Architecture secures the creation of Qwick Codes MagnePrint® Card Authentication ensures card authenticity and deters hackers from using counterfeit cards Immediate encryption of card data to keep your data safe Cardless ATM transactions make it more secure to get cash from an ATM Easier and more secure in store and online payment options Link shipping, billing and payment card data to a Qwick Code for faster and safer online checkout


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1.2

Size: 2.49 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by MagTek, Inc.

Day of release: 2012-01-7

Recommended age: 4+

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