R.D.R. Saves The Astronauts

R.D.R. stands for (Ram Deflector Rocket). R.D.R. offers an educational, entertaining look at the space shuttle mission to young readers. In man's haste ...

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R.D.R. stands for (Ram Deflector Rocket). R.D.R. offers an educational, entertaining look at the space shuttle mission to young readers. In man's haste to win the space race to the moon and stars he set up on himself a fearsome problem that now faces him in the future….uncontrollable (space junk) or (space debris)! This fictional machines prevent “space junk” that is beyond the view of the human eyesight, floats this vast junk-yard were tons of discarded space debris are orbiting high in the sky circling the Earth every twenty-four hours. These were once hi-tech during their time, but they are now broken down space vehicles, antennas, abandoned live-in platform stations, pressure chambers, old rocket boosters, space laboratories, satellites and other abandoned space equipment - some small and some large, from colliding with spaceships or falling to Earth in populated areas, this powerful vehicle pushes dangerous (space junk) or (space debris) further into space, deflects it from working equipment or even pushes it toward the oceans of Earth. After many years of living with the fear that space debris might collide with other spaceships or fall to earth in a populated area, man made something to combat the space junk problem. They called this incredible machine R.D.R. (Ram Deflector Rocket). So thus began “R.D.R. Save the Astronauts.” “R.D.R. Saves the Astronauts” teaches children about this amazing fictional space machine with an engaging story. R.D.R. proves that he is useful for more than cleaning up (space junk) or (space debris) when a shuttle with a crew aboard get into trouble on a mission. The shuttle is damaged in a meteor shower and begins to plummet though space toward the atmosphere. After trying many methods to save the crew, Space Central is panicking -until R.D.R. registers on the radar. Risking his own destruction, R.D.R. rushers to the shuttle so he can take them aboard. Written to cater to children's fascinations of the space shuttle mission, “R.D.R. Saves the Astronauts” appeals to young reader with its beautiful, full-color illustrations of space scenes. Maseo says, “With bold pictures and paints, each and every page is set up so that even if you cannot read, by the pictures alone you can tell any story that you wish to tell.” The book can also be read as a bedtime story. Many of the pages have an optional “Paint Me” feature for children to finger paint the pages and create their own custom version of the book. Additional features: Professional voice over, table of contents control to navigate easily through the book and an audio on/off control.


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