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About Rent.ph Rent.ph is a nationwide list of properties for rent and property-related services for: renters, rent and property managers, agents and real ...

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About Rent.ph Rent.ph is a nationwide list of properties for rent and property-related services for: renters, rent and property managers, agents and real estate owners. Rent.ph would like to make it easier for owners and renters to connect with each other or with the assistance of real estate experts to enable the rental process shorter, more professionalized, personalized and transparent for both lessees and lessors. Backed by 2,000 real estate professionals officially affiliated with Rent.ph (and growing) spread across the country, owners can look for the nearest Rent Manager or agent where the property is located to help him market the property to prospects. Renters in search of properties can also seek the services of a Rent Manager or agent near him thus, reducing the effort and search time of renters and owners considerably. Unique also to the site are rental listings in the hospitality sector to address the search for transient or short-staying renters. We have included listings for hotels, apartelles and inns and other similar accommodations. Homestay listings are also underway as part of our effort to promote tourism in the country thus, the site is getting exciting-er every day. With hundreds of listings posted everyday, and growing number of unique visitors daily, the site is also an effective advertising platform for property and rent-related products and services like furniture and home furnishings, logistics and moving-in services, cable, telecom, insurance and a host of other services in home living. Targeted advertising forms part of the core services in Rent.ph’s search algorithm. Our main and refine search tools provide a way to display only the most relevant property appropriate to the search. More than anything else, Rent.ph would like to be acknowledged as a trusted leader in providing rent information to people who belong to this industry. In fact, we are among the very few in this domain, who invest in research and development to make the website not only reliable in terms of its rent database but also dependable in terms of rich and useful content. Vision and Mission Statement We envision ourselves to be the country’s ultimate resource in property rental and rent information. Our mission is to establish the most innovative technology platform and best user-experience that bring renters, owners and property professionals together to make the property rental business more efficient, reliable and trustworthy. First in Features Rent.ph is committed to bring the best technology to its users. It is the first property rental site that combines rental listing with rich media tools such as video embedding services which allows users to upload not only images, but also to display videos of their properties. It is also the first property rental site in the world to integrate the QR Code system. A listed property property at Rent.ph is assigned a unique QR Code which can be printed out or circulated by email or shared in social networks. The QR code is specially useful to property owners when they need to advertise their property outdoors. Leveraging Google’s map widget, Rent.ph is address-sensitive which accurately locates a property down to its street and barangay address. We have also put up the nationwide weather guide to help renters decide the best time of day and week to move. Rent.ph’s weather feature is location-sensitive. Whenever a renter searches a property in a particular province, forecast changes according to the weather in that area. Another “first” in Rent.ph is its short messaging service where prospects can send text messages from the site to the property owner or agent’s mobile phone. We strive to be the first in everything both in technology and information resource to bring best rental experience to all Filipinos and expatriates. visit us @ http://www.rent.ph


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