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This application is paperless presentation tool. ■Main functions • Synchronization among multiple iPads/iPhones/iPod Touches Using Wi-Fi connection ...

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This application is paperless presentation tool. â– Main functions - Synchronization among multiple iPads/iPhones/iPod Touches Using Wi-Fi connection and synchronization, your document can be shared among multiple iPads/iPhones/iPod Touches. (As you flip your page using the application, the page on other iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and Projector will be synchronized.) - Changing between "Local mode" and "Share mode" By using the switch button which is displayed on top, you can choose to make the document local or shared. if you select "Local mode", the document is no more shared, and you can read the document as you like. - Projector connection This application is linked to Ricoh's projector wirelessly*, so same page is displayed on screen.  *This application can also be linked to the projector via VGA cable. Mirroring function is enabled via VGA cable. â– System Requirements - All participants must use the same version of the software. No compatibility between different versions. - Device: New iPad(4th generation, 3rd generation), iPad 2, iPad mini, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPod Touch(5th generation only) - OS: iOS 6.1/7.0  This software cannot be installed on the earlier version. - Network: Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n) - Projector for wireless connection  - Desk Edge: PJ WX3340N/X3340N  - Short Throw: PJ WX4240N  - Ultra Short Throw: PJ WX4130N/WX4141N/WX4141NI  - Mobile*: PJ WX3230N/X3240N/WX3231N/X3241N  *You cannot specified with IP address. â– Restriction - The number of iPads/iPhones/iPod Touches in a Casual Meeting: Up to 10 - The number of Casual Meetings: Up to 5 - The number of documents for a Casual Meeting: Up to 3 - Total size of documents for a Casual Meeting: Up to 30 MB - Data format: PDF (ver 1.5/1.4) - Wireless connection between iPads/iPhones/iPod Touches and projector: Within the same broadcast domain - Save document: 50 pages at a time â– About the problem being unable to participate in a meeting This application can be used when all the participants are connected via Wi-Fi. Make sure that all iPads/iPhones/iPod Touches are connected via Wi-Fi properly and keep in mind the following requirements as well. - Version of Presenter  Make sure that the same version of the application has been installed on all iPads/iPhones/iPod Touches.  *If you are using a different version of the application, you cannot participate in a meeting where another version is used. The meeting will not be displayed in the meeting list of the application. - Access point and Wi-Fi connection  Make sure that the following are true:  - The Wi-Fi icon (radiating semi circle icon) appears at the top left of the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touches Home screen.  - IP address is properly configured in the network setting of the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.  - There is no other preferred network settings. (Recommended)   *When there is another Wi-Fi environment specified as a preferred network, your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch may be unintentionally connected to that network.  - Proxy is configured correctly (For the network that uses proxy only)   *If you still cannot participate in a meeting even after proxy is configured correctly, set proxy to off and try again. - Wi-Fi connection using mobile router  Privacy separator is set to off.  *You cannot participate in a meeting while privacy separator is set to on. - Bluetooth  Bluetooth may interfere with Wi-Fi, which causes the network connection unstable. Make sure to set to off the Bluetooth settings on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. â– Functional limitations on iPhone/iPod Touch - Cannot retrieve by meeting id/name from the Planned Meeting List Screen - Cannot add new documents during a Casual Meeting - Following 3 colors are not provided for Handwritten Notes: Transparent Pink, Transparent Light Blue, Transparent Yellow - Cannot change pen widths (at horizontal view) - In saving documents, cannot display page thumbnails of a selected document only - Cannot specify a projector by its IP address


Technical specifications

Version: 1.4.3

Size: 16.86 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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