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Turn your Android device into real ionizing radiation detector!
It is NOT a fake! A camera built-in your smartphone/tablet is sensitive to harmful ...

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Turn your Android device into real ionizing radiation detector!
It is NOT a fake! A camera built-in your smartphone/tablet is sensitive to harmful gamma radiation. The application is really easy to use, but you must strictly follow given instructions.The application has three thresholds (states) of the levels of radiation:--> There is no radiation. Radiation is not detected. you are safe
Application indicates that there is no radiation if it can't register any traces left by gamma quanta. This state also occurs in the beginning of measurement. Wait for a few minutes to be sure that you are safe.--> Low radiation level is detected
Application detected a low radiation level - up to about 10-20 uSv/h (according to measurement carried out on SE Xperia Neo V and Lenovo IdeaPad). The level of radiation isn't dangerous but it's strongly recommended to continue carrying out the measurement for next a few minutes to be sure if there is no more serious problem. And you should think about the source of this radiation. With some devices it is also possible to detect cosmic radiation during flight by airplane (on altitudes higher than 10 km).--> Radiation hazard
You should run away. The threshold for this stage is about 100-150 uSv/h. Make sure that you didn't uncover your camera during all the measurement. Repeat the measurement and call the local authorities. It is really serious situation but don't panic - everything will be ok!
The application was calibrated using Cs-137 ionizing radiation source in the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences in Cracow, Poland.
Cs-137 is one of the most dangerous isotope contaminating environment during nuclear accidents (e.g. in nuclear power plants etc.). How to use the app (the instruction is also shown to the user on the first run):1st step:
Cover main camera in your device using e.g. a piece of black tape. You MUST cut off visible light completely!2nd step:
Run the application, read the instruction again, scroll down and push "Calibrate" button. The app will ask you if you prefer fast or accurate calibration. Of course the second one is recommended. Remember! During the calibration your device must NOT be exposed to higher (than normal background) level of ionizing radiation! 3rd step:
Your device and application is ready to detect ionizing radiation. During the measurement your camera must be covered by a piece of black tape. But after measurement you can uncover it and take pictures normally.
WARNING! The authors of the application put as much effort as they could to make the application the best. But there is no guarantee that application will work properly, won't damage your device and will be able to detect ionizing radiation properly.
The application is available for free, but it will be very kind of you if you could send me the report of successful radiation measurement. All information will be very helpful to improve the application!


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Version: 1.5

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Developed by Rafał Kozik

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