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Rain Cubes

A rain made of colorful cubes will reveal an extraordinary world of joyful forms and character-like objects to stimulate your kid`s imagination! Rain ...

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A rain made of colorful cubes will reveal an extraordinary world of joyful forms and character-like objects to stimulate your kid’s imagination! Rain Cubes is a toy with 30 amazing 3D secret drawings gravitating in the white space. Rain Cubes allows your child to reveal a magical world of objects, creatures and space rockets. There are no rules, scores or stress in Rain Cubes. Kids can play as much as they want and freely choose the forms they want to paint. In this digital toy the greatest reward is the delightful development of your kid’s own creativity. A mermaid, a funny carrot, a king mouse on a skateboard, a hot dog, a rabbit in a hot air balloon, a happy toaster, and a swimmer-boy are some of the cheerful 3D drawings that will fill your kid’s leisure time with amusement, wonder and creative development. Features: - Tap to start raining colorful cubes; - Beautiful graphics; - Fun sound effects; - Choose from random to specific rain colors from a vibrant 35-color palette; - Zoom in to maximize control over coloring details; - 360º rotation in all directions; - Intuitive rotation speed control; - Enjoy 30 unique 3D drawings; - Use the snapshot feature to take photos and save your favorite 3D paintings; - Kid-friendly interface; - No rules, scores or time limits. This is a stress-free digital toy; - No third-party advertising or in-app purchases; - This is a non-violent digital toy; - Available for most digital platforms. About KaelTV: The East/West Coast-based Cabral brothers grew up in Brazil and have shared their passion for video games and animation since childhood. Kael Cabral works with design and 3D animation in New York City, while Humberto Cabral works with sound design for games in San Diego. Kael Cabral founded KaelTV in NYC to create educational digital toys for kids. He is the creative mind and developer behind each toy’s theme. He creates educational apps for kids as a way to show them the sweetness and subtleness of the forms that are all around us. He creates colorful toys to enhance the development of creativity, logic and decision-making in a fun way. His themes are full of joy and enchantment. In 2013, he joined forces with his brother Humberto who became the sound effects designer for KaelTV digital toys. The brothers’ creative partnership bring a world full of magic and imagination for kids.


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