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Enter the exciting world of Rainbow Phonics and learn letter sounds and spelling with 12 interactive learning landscapes and 12 story books. As children ...

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Enter the exciting world of Rainbow Phonics and learn letter sounds and spelling with 12 interactive learning landscapes and 12 story books. As children progress through the Rainbow Phonics adventure they will learn all the letter-sounds of the English language by taking letters from the rainbow to make words. Each rainbow introduces new letter sounds. There are also story books about the characters they have met to be unlocked along the way. Both the word building activities and the story books follow a systematic phonics progression, making them perfect for classroom or home use. FEATURES: •24 activities and books for teaching the letter sounds. •Rainbow landscapes with letter-sound progression from consonants and short-vowels through to vowel-digraphs. •Fun stories and beautiful illustrations that children will love. •Embedded-phonics story books based on the letter-sounds previously taught – enabling ‘sounding-out’ of all the words in the story. •Narrations that can be switched on/off for guided reading. •Page control that is self-paced. •American or British accents for phonics sounds and words. •Progressive levels so children build on the sounds they know. • Strong in the operations of phonemic awareness – in particular isolating and blending sounds. The first landscapes to explore are the Word Farms. Children will come across numerous word-building opportunities by taking letters from the rainbow. In the second half, children will enter Word City where they are introduced to long vowel sounds and more complex letter patterns. Rainbow Phonics provides a multi-sensory learning experience. It includes visual learning by presenting letters, sound dots and word clues; auditory learning with word sounds, letter sounds and story narrations; and kinaesthetic learning where children navigate through the progression and story books, as well as by dragging letters from the rainbow to make new words. It has been designed for classroom as well as home use. Rainbow Phonics meets the core-reading curriculum and will accelerate children in reaching their targets. Recommended Ages: Word Farm 4 – 6 years, Word City 5 – 7 years. Categories: Phonics, Reading, Letters, Spelling, Vocabulary, Early Learning MORE INFO, FEEDBACK & SUPPORT Learn more about the product and Junior Learning at www.juniorlearning.com Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/juniorlearning Follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/juniorlearning.com If you have feedback or suggestions, please email us at anna@juniorlearning.com. We’d love to hear from you! PRIVACY This product does not collect any personally identifiable information by default.


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