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For a step by step guide on using the app please view the video at http://www.carsonst.wa.edu.au/parent-info/getting-started-books/ (please scroll to ...

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For a step by step guide on using the app please view the video at http://www.carsonst.wa.edu.au/parent-info/getting-started-books/ (please scroll to the bottom) and read the user manual at http://www.carsonst.wa.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/GETTING-STARTED-Rainbow-of-Emotion-WEB.pdf What is My Rainbow of Emotions app about? Emotions can be categorised as: - Physical emotions (e.g. hurt, sick, hungry, cold, hot) - Cool emotions (e.g. happy) - Uncool emotions (e.g. sad, angry, afraid, nervous) This app helps you discover and design your own rainbow of cool and uncool emotions and rainbow of physical and cool emotions. You can choose your own colour, picture, sound and name for each emotion. Once you have designed your rainbows you then design a CHARGE tool belt which gives you power to choose tools to manage and fix your emotions. CHARGE stands for emotional management categories– Chat, Helpful thinking, Amusement, Relaxation, Good routine and Exercise. Within each category you can choose tools as appropriate. Who can use this App? It's useful for coaching children, adolescents and adults learn the skills to better manager their emotions. It is also useful for individuals with additional disabilities such as Autism, Down Syndrome Intellectual Disability, Acquired Brain Injury and Cerebral Palsy. How to use this App? Download the user manual and watch the video at http://carsonst.wa.edu.au/parent-info/getting-started-books/ (please scroll to the bottom of the screen to access these resources) The user manual will guide you on how to set up and use the app for an individual who is at the beginner, intermediate or advanced level of emotional management. "A great app operating for a range of individuals with challenges expressing and managing emotions in a consistent and positive manner. I found the info booklet useful and a great addition to the background and evidence for creating the app. The setup was easily navigated and could be quickly adjusted in terms of complexity for the individual. Key areas of managing emotions and subsequent stress were covered in the handy 'tool belt' with multiple options for a follow-on step once the negative emotion was identified. These include:- chat/Helpful Thinking/Amusement/Relaxation/Good Routine and Exercise. The app can be personalised and readily individualised with text/voice and music able to be imported to the application. The follow up step of acknowledging the feeling post strategy is particularly useful to ensure if a particular strategy did not work then another can be employed. An innovative and creative app which is excellent value for $" Belinda Hill, Senior Speech-Language Pathologist Director- Belinda Hill & Associates


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 38.68 MB


Price: 4,58 €

Developed by Dolly Bhargava

Day of release: 2013-04-24

Recommended age: 4+

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