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*** Download our "India comics" free app - FREE inapp titles and special limited time sale underway. link: http://tinyurl.com/IndiaComics *** Check out ETHER*MEDIA ACK Complete collection(192 comic bundle) inapp in India Comics on sale(40% off over already sale prices)! iRemedi's ETHERMEDIA presents: RAMA DIGEST (5 Comics) / English / Full Color page by page in ETHERMEDIA 4.0 Rama - 34 Pages Sons Of Rama - 33 Pages Hanuman - 34 Pages Hanuman To The Rescue - 32 Pages Ravana Humbled - 29 Pages 5 Comic bundle for the price of 4! Read the amazing life and adventures of Rama, his followers and his arch enemy Ravana, in a simple comic book format. RAMA The Ideal Man Rama was happy living in the forest with his wife and brother. Palace intrigue may have forced his exile, but the next fourteen years promised to be quite pleasant. Suddenly, this idyllic life was thrown into turmoil. His beloved wife Sita was kidnapped! SONS OF RAMA No one dared challenge the might of King Rama of Ayodhya. Famous for his valour and skill as a warrior, he confidently set out to become the King of the World. But then, his forces came up against two little boys roaming the forest wilds. Luv and Kush laughed at Rama's powerful weapons and knocked his seasoned generals off their war chariots. HANUMAN The Monkey God The epitome of unfaltering devotion and unparalleled strength.Hanuman stands for extraordinary physical strength, courage and humility. Above all, he is known for his devotion to Rama. HANUMAN TO THE RESCUE Hanuma brings the Sanjeevani to Rama. Rama was frantic. His beloved brother lay dying and the only cure was tucked away on a forested mountainside far, far to the north. Big-hearted Hanuman could not bear to see their pain. RAVANA HUMBLED An arrogant king finds new friends Ravana had soaring ambitions – he thought he could be the lord of the universe. About Amar Chitra Katha(ACK-Media): ACK-Media is India's leading entertainment and education company for young audiences. ACK has enthralled generations of readers for the last four decades with over 600 + Indian mythology tales with over 90 million titles sold worldwide. ACK partnered with iRemedi in bringing the timeless classics to the iPhone and iPod community. About iRemedi: iRemedi's ETHER MEDIA is a proprietary mobile content delivery technology that provides revolutionary touch media viewing. iRemedi works with rich content publishers to bring their rich content to the iPhone community. Enjoy full color high-resolution art and story in an award winning and intuitive user interface including page tracking, auto bookmark, slide shows, zoom, real page animations and more. Other iRemedi-ACK Buddhist tales Apps: - TALES OF COURAGE( JATAKA - BUDDHIST ZEN TALES) - TALES OF NOBILITY - ELEPHANT STORIES (BUDDHIST ZEN TALES) - TALES OF WIT & WISDOM - GIANT & DWARF Other iRemedi top ranking Apps in iTunes Book section: DASHAVATAR(ON SALE), KRISHNA, TALES OF SHIVA, MAHABHARATA, GANESHA, SHIVA PARVATHI, BIRBAL Recently released: MAHATMA GANDHI, FOLK TALES OF THE WORLD, FOLK TALES OF RUSSIA(3 PARTS) and BRITISH ISLES(3 PARTS) ALBERT EINSTEIN, SUPPANDI (5 PARTS), TRIBORO TALES - "An Eclectic slice-of-life-look at the new millenia" Other: PICZEE PRO - A Cool and Fun Photo Jigsaw Puzzle *****************************************************


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Version: 10.0

Size: 53.24 MB


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Developed by iRemedi Corp.

Day of release: 2009-11-3

Recommended age: 9+

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