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Rare Jewels

iRemedi's ETHERMEDIA Presents Rare Jewel RARE JEWEL's first issue! 'We all have our strange and eerie moments. Yet., we all seek an inner voice. A ...

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iRemedi's ETHERMEDIA Presents Rare Jewel RARE JEWEL's first issue! 'We all have our strange and eerie moments. Yet., we all seek an inner voice. A strength that sometimes overpowers..Strange, Spiritual and Real..' * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 60 Screens / English / Full color comic book(both Page and Panel views!) The first of Rare Jewel Super Heroine Series, this comic book is about the Pearls amongst us. Strong, Confident and Fearless. A dream that tells you everything is alright. Only, it is hard to tell when it is a dream and when it is real. When the powers of the dark strike the mortal and weak, just when all hope is lost.. Enjoy Brilliant color art featuring both full page and panel views in ETHERMEDIA's latest version for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. About Amario's Art Academy and Kathy Hood Productions: Amario’s Art Academy for the Gifted and Talented is a comic design and animation school serving grades 3-12 founded by Amario Andre, former Marvel Comics alumni. The Academy teaches young artists character & integrity. The Academy has a rigorous artistic instruction program for future young designers, comic book artists, creators and animators. Kathy Hood Productions & Amario’s Art Academy has teamed up to create Rare Jewel – a comic book series for all ages. Aziza Andre is the primary Artist for Rare Jewel. www.amariosartacademy.com/aziza Amario's Art Academy has partnered with iRemedi in bringing their collaborative work 'The Rare Jewel Series' with Kathy Hood Productions to the iPhone, iPad and iPod community on ETHERMEDIA, your destination for popular media from worldwide. About ETHERMEDIA, iRemedi ETHERMEDIA is an award winning media reader/viewer from iRemedi, a creative solutions company. From Page views and Panel views, Zooming to fast navigation jump screens and slideshows, ETHERMEDIA is a leading media viewer on the iPhone Platform. Contact us at ethermedia@iRemedi.com to bring your popular content as iPhone Apps. About Rare Jewel: Rare Jewel is a fresh new Super Heroine series. Supernatural, Paranormal and Spiritual, Rare Jewel is all about awakening the hero in common folks. This is the first of the continuing series. Stay Tuned for more exciting Rare Jewels to come! Other Apps on ETHERMEDIA: Enjoy the ever popular Indian mythology and other comic books on ETHERMEDIA in the Appstore. Other Apps from iRemedi: Enjoy playing unlimited jigsaw puzzle with your own photos or other, with PicZee Pro, the Cool and fun Photo jigsaw puzzle! Other iRemedi top ranking Apps in iTunes Book section: BUDDHA, DASHAVATAR(ON SALE), KRISHNA, TALES OF SHIVA, MAHABHARATA, GANESHA, SHIVA PARVATHI, BIRBAL, JESUS CHRIST


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