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Now it's up to you to rate your boss! Do you take it for granted, that you will be evaluated and rated by your boss? Let's reverse it, and rate your ...

Discontinued App


Now it's up to you to rate your boss! Do you take it for granted, that you will be evaluated and rated by your boss? Let's reverse it, and rate your boss today! By setting 20 properties that fit unique to your boss, you get a number (evaluation value) that you can not only compare with friends to see who has the more pleasant boss, but the ratings are also stored and will be graphically shown. So you always see how the evaluation value changes with time and you can tell if your work environment becomes more pleasant or even worse. The calculations are based on 10 character traits (personality profile), and 10 changing characteristics (daily, current impression) of your boss. The evaluation criteria are not based on a standard, but were specifically developed with psychological help for this specific App. FEATURES - Set three conditions (represented by thumbs) of 20 properties of your boss: 'positive', 'moderate', and 'negative' - 10 evaluation criteria for the personality profile, and 10 evaluation criteria for the current impression result in an overall rating - For each property there is an information box with instructions and ideas on what questions you should ask yourself in order to assess the trait best. - For better personalization you can enter the name of your boss, which is then displayed on the summary page next to the overall rating. - The calculated value is shown graphically on the summary page (in the form of a thermometer) where you can show it to friends and simply compare with the values of friends. - On the summary page is further illustrated the trend: 'rising' means that the current valuation calculated value is higher than the previous average of all ratings. - The stored values can be viewed in a 100-day graph. - Means of the overall character and the evaluation and assessment of situations are shown. These are the averages of all the stored values (not only from the displayed last 100 days). - The app is bilingual. You can choose between English and German. - "Share on Facebook": Let your friends know on Facebook, as you evaluate your boss and your friends will surely rate their boss too. HOW TO - Simple operation by setting "thumb" values. - To get an initial rating, all 20 thumbs must be set. - The name of the boss can be entered. - The language can be changed (German and English). - The recorded values can be deleted, and the recording starts over. The creators of RateMyBoss take no responsibility for the rating values and an associated boss name. Rate your boss at your own risk. To preserve privacy, the boss name will be made anonymous when shared on facebook.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 2.23 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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