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Ray's Fire Station series` Episode 1 is now available â€â€ "Welcome to Ray's Fire Station!" Ray's Fire Station series is children`s ...

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Ray's Fire Station series’ Episode 1 is now available â€â€ "Welcome to Ray's Fire Station!" Ray's Fire Station series is children’s stories specially developed for iPad where eleven fire trucks with different types and roles work together. It is a brand-new concept and characters in the whole wide world. In Episode 1 "Welcome to Ray's Fire Station!", Ray the Fire Chief and the crew are introduced. You will get to know each one of the team members' personalities in this episode. This is the only episode where you will meet all eleven of them. With all of them at once, it's even more fun. The more, the merrier! Children between four and seven years of age with burgeoning social skills will experience and learn important values such as friendship,courage,cooperation,and safety through Ray's Fire Station series. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note - Ray’s Fire Station Series’ Episode 2 : Tank & Pump’s Frog Family Rescue Operation - ......... Featured in ‘”New & Noteworthy” in the Apple App Store ......... ......... Featured in ‘”iPad App of the Week” in the Apple App Store ......... ......... Featured in ‘”Staff Favorite” in the Apple App Store ......... -------------------------------------------------------------------------- â–  Features â‘  Toggle between two reading modes: READ FOR ME and READ IT MYSELF. â‘¡ Toggle between automatic and manual modes: AUTO and MANUAL. â‘¢ Move to the page you want by touching the Ray icon at the center of the bottom of each page(a separate navigating window opens). â‘£ Swipe each page to turn them just like a real book. ⑤ Tap the 'blinking pictures' whenever you see them to reveal animated surprise throughout the tap. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ※ Visit to video at youtube.com for some scenes : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp6OwTp3Wf0


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 138.18 MB


Price: 0,89 €

Developed by Shim Soo Jin

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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