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Picked as one of "5 Fantastic iPhone Apps for Web Developers" -- "...being able to easily annotate the web with a mobile app is simply brilliant." - by ...

Discontinued App


Picked as one of "5 Fantastic iPhone Apps for Web Developers" -- "...being able to easily annotate the web with a mobile app is simply brilliant." - by mashable.com One of "18 Essential iPhone Apps For Web Developers" by http://designmodo.com/ One of "6 iphone apps to help you maintain manage improve user experience" by http://www.experiencesolutions.co.uk One of "Top 10 Apps on the iPhone for Web Designers" by http://www.killersites.com •It can store documents, and allow you to view them in full screen. •It also includes a full screen web browser •A on-screen note window, which floats above reading window(Portrait mode), or stand side-by-side with reading window(Landscape mode) . •This App itself doesn't include any explicit content. What you can do in Read And Note: •Open on-screen text note window while reading, type a note, or copy text from file/web you are reading, and paste them into note window, without switching application. •Shake the device to bring up "Undo" menu while editing notes. •Upload .txt .doc .pdf .ppt .xls .rtf .jpg... files onto your device. •Browse uploaded documents in Portrait mode or Landscape mode, switch between modes by rotating the device. •Browse web pages using with the included fullscreen web browser. •Add web page to "favorite web page list", and manage existing favorites. •Manage all documents uploaded, delete them when needed. •Create new notes, and manage all existing notes. •Share uploaded documents over Wifi network, any computer with web browser can access those files while sharing is enabled. Quick guide: •Notes button on upper-right corner will bring up the notes window. •In notes window, tap upper-left corner button will minimize it. •When Editing notes, shake device will bring up Undo Menu. •In portrait mode, drag anywhere in title bar to resize the note window. •Rotate to switch to Landscape mode, in this mode, notes window will be placed side-by-side with reading window, drag resize mark on upper right of notes window to change their size. •Refresh, back, forward and add favorite button will appear at the bottom when they are applicable. - Gear Icon on bottom right will bring up Settings. It includes 5 tabs, Documents, Web, Notes, Share and About. •Documents setting tab will allow you to pick file to view, from all files that you had uploaded onto the device. •In Web tab you can open web page by typing it's address, or pick from address list you saved before. •In Notes tab, you can create new notes, or pick an old notes to edit it in the notes window. •Share tab allows you to upload file from any computer in the same Wifi network, through web browser. Also, it allows you to download files that is already in your device. •Once sharing is opened, it will continue to run in background until it is switched off. •Done button on top right of settings window will dismiss setting window and go back to reading window. No matter you are a Engineer, Student, journalist... you may find this tool useful to record your ideas. Or, if you just think iPhone 3.0's new Cut, Copy and Paste is fun, this will make it more useful. PS. Read & Note HD for iPad is in pipeline now, and will be released soon.


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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