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Read and play with balloons

The application is aimed to children who are learning to read or want to play in recognition and learning words. There are 250 words each represented ...

Discontinued App


The application is aimed to children who are learning to read or want to play in recognition and learning words. There are 250 words each represented by a drawing. All voices are synthesized using Acapela Box, one of the best text-to-speech voice. The application is divided into five activities: Listen words: allows you to hear all the words contained in the application, so that you can learn them by listening. Find words: by a series of 10 words you must match the one corresponding to the extracted drawing. Find drawings: by a series of 10 drawings you must must match the one corresponding to the extracted word. Order words: you have to order alphabetically 10 words randomly chosen. Guess word: A revised version of the hangman game, where each letter is hidden by a balloon. In each page there are two buttons, one to select new words or new drawings and one to listen to the word or drawing statement, in order to facilitate the task. Of course it's not possibile to hear the word in the game Guess word. There's also an easy/hard mode that allo ws you hiding or viewing the name of the word shown in the drawing Words you can find in the application: acorn, apple, ball, banana, bandaid, basket, bath tub, belt, boat, bolt, book, bottle, bow, branch, bridge, bubbles, bus, butterfly, cage, castle, cat, cathedral, chair, cheetah, cherry, christmas, church, circle, circus, cloud, coin, compass, cook, cork, cow, crab, desert, dice, dictionary, dog, dollar, dolphin, domino, door, door-mat, draughts, drawing, drawing-pin, drop, duckling, dune, earth, earthworm, egg, egg-shell, envelope, equal, exercise book, face, fairy, fallow deer, fan, finger, fishbone, flag, flower, foot, fossil, frankfurter, funnel, furniture, garland, gasoline, geometry, giraffe, glass, glasses, glass window, glove, gonfalon, grapes, grass, hamburger, hammer, handbag, heart, hedge, helicopter, hexagon, hockey, hoe, horseshoe, hotel, house, hydrant, ice, ice cream, island, jeans, jeep, jellyfish, jolly joker, kayak, kernel, key, kilogram, kite, kiwi fruit, knick-knack, knot, ladle, ladybird, leaf, lemon, light bulb, lighthouse, lightning, lion, locomotive, lollipop, magazine, measuring cup, milk, mineral, missile, moon, mountain, mouse, mushroom, music, nail, necklace, neon light, neptune, nest, note, numbers, nut, oar, owl, padlock, pail, paint, painting, party, pear, pen, pencil, pinwheel, pizza, playbill, plum, pot, potato, pumpkin, queen, rabbit, radio, raft, rain, rainbow, record, rectangle, red, ribbon, rice, robot, roller, rose, rubber, rucksack, rudder, salami, saturn, scale, scissors, screw, sea, ship, shower, siren, slice, smile, smoke, snail, snow, snowman, soap, sole, spider, spoon, stamp, steering wheel, submarine, sugar cube, suitcase, sun, sweet violet, swimming, syringe, tambourine, tap, target, telephone, television set, ticket, token, tomato, tooth, top, tortoise, totem, tower, traffic light, trailer, tree, tube, tulip, tunic, tunnel, two, umbrella, vase, volcano, voltmeter, wafer, wall, washtub, washing machine, watch, water lily, wheel, whistle, window, windsurf, wood, wooden shoes, woolen cap, xylophone, yacht, yellow, yogurt, yoyo, zebra, zero, ziggurat, zigzag, zoom, zucchini.


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