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As featured in the iTunes Special Education section, Read2Go is the most accessible DAISY ebook reader for iOS. For questions on how to best use Read2Go, ...

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As featured in the iTunes Special Education section, Read2Go is the most accessible DAISY ebook reader for iOS. For questions on how to best use Read2Go, contact support(at)bookshare.org. From within Read2Go, you can browse, search, download, and read books directly from Bookshare using your Bookshare membership, as well as read DAISY books from other sources. The app gives you full control over visual choices for font size and color, background and highlighting color, and text-to-speech preferences. Read2Go features word-by-word highlighting for multi-modal reading. “I'm a high school student with dyslexia and find Bookshare essential to help me read all of my school books. With Read2Go I can download a book and start reading it in seconds. I don't stick out in class because people are familiar with iPods.” - 15-year old student “The Read2Go app is beautiful in its simplicity. The navigation tools allow even young students to use it effortlessly. The highlighted text-to-speech provides a wonderful opportunity for individuals with print disabilities to increase word recognition and improve fluency. Bravo Bookshare for making a complex process appear seamless and effortless, a true mark of excellence.” – Parent of child with a print disability. “I now rely solely on Read2Go for daily reading of the NY Times and my local papers. While waiting on the BART train concourse, commuting to work, flying from Oakland to Los Angeles and to the east coast, Read2Go grants me instant access and ease of use to capture and read many books and publications.” – Adult with a print disability. Features: • Access the Bookshare collection directly from the app • Browse, search and download books quickly and easily, including those with images • Read words on the screen with synchronized text-to-speech (Read2Go audio on) • Read with highly natural Acapela voices and navigate with VoiceOver gestures (Read2Go audio on, VoiceOver on) • Read with Apple VoiceOver gestures and voice (VoiceOver on, Read2Go audio off) • Read with many choices of font size, color and backgrounds, and no voices (Read2Go and VoiceOver off) • Read with Braille displays connected via Bluetooth • Save books onto the Read2Go bookshelf • Adjust font size up to 70 pts • Adjust text-to-speech audio, either on or off for text-only or text-to-speech mode • Adjust rate of audio • View Table of Contents • Set bookmarks • Read from where you left off (auto-resume reading position) • Support for all 6 levels of DAISY navigation built in to structure of book • Supports DAISY 3.0 and 2.02 • Supports use of iTunes to transfer of non-Bookshare DAISY books to your device  • Supports “Open In Read2Go” for easy access to your books from the Bookshare website • Educational institutions wishing to purchase 20 licenses or more can get a discount through the Apple Volume Licensing Program for Education


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Size: 109.75 MB


Price: 17,99 €

Developed by Benetech

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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