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... ... ... Named one of this years' top 10 best learning and creative apps! Easy to use! ... ... ... Your best audio readalong tool to accompany the ...

Discontinued App


... ... ... Named one of this years' top 10 best learning and creative apps! Easy to use! ... ... ... Your best audio readalong tool to accompany the books your kids love- in your voice! Create readalong books, picture audiobooks, storyboards, audio slideshows, endless creative projects. Perfect companion for kids learning to read. They can follow along in the real book while listening to you read it to them. Make it memorable with your own voice! So easy that your kids will have fun making readalongs, audiobooks and slideshows, too! Record yourself reading your kid's favorite books or any books and take a picture of each page so they can see which page to look at while they follow along with the real thing. Select custom page turn sounds so your kids know when to turn the page, making following along on their own super simple! BENEFITS OF EARLY READING TO YOUR CHILDREN: âœâ€ A stronger relationship with you âœâ€ Academic excellence. âœâ€ Basic speech skills âœâ€ The basics of how to read a book âœâ€ Better communication skills âœâ€ Mastery of languages âœâ€ More logical thinking skills âœâ€ Acclamation to new experiences âœâ€ Enhanced concentration and discipline âœâ€ The knowledge that reading is fun! FEATURES: âœâ€ Create picture audiobooks with all the kids book you already own! âœâ€ Super simple design so making a picture audiobook is easy and fun! âœâ€ Readers can follow along with the real book while listening or look at the pictures you took. âœâ€ Easy playback so your reader can get that book playing fast. âœâ€ Select custom sound so your reader knows when to turn the page. âœâ€ Take pictures of the book pages so what you're hearing matches up with what you're seeing. âœâ€ Select a thumbnail picture for each one. Makes picking out a book easy. âœâ€ Makes an audio children's book memorable for your kids with your own voice! OTHER FUN USES FOR READSHARE: ... Storyboarding - Ideal for quick storyboarding of ideas for writers, directors, filmmakers ... Audio Slideshows- Fastest way to create Audio Slideshows ... English as a Second Language students - Great to practice pronunciation and dictation.


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