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Reading School for iPad

Reading School Event. Free offer with one Storybook Gift Package 50% Discount sale! =================================== Parents and Kids! Welcome ...

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Reading School Event. Free offer with one Storybook Gift Package 50% Discount sale! =================================== Parents and Kids! Welcome to the Reading School! Reading School Series help to kids Right and Left brain work rightly. Child must be learn about Honesty, Courage, Altruism, Prudence and Kindness things from life, so we provide these things from our Story books Reading School is share the idea of what is true Kindness,Courage,Prudence, etc. life is the act or the state of being kind, being marked by good and charitable behavior, pleasant disposition, and concern for others. From this story child will learn about how great feeling of sharing life. Let’s your child having chance to get true learning. Story List 1. The Magpie Who Returned a Favor (Free offer) 2. The Toad Who Returned a Favor 3. The Little Match Girl 4. The Two Faithful Brothers 5. A Christmas Carol Countinue to update.. Reading School Recommended ages: 0-6 Our kids love the variety storybooks. They love being able to reread their favorite storybooks whenever they want. And they especially love to get a new book every day. Reading becomes something they look forward to. How about our Parents? Parents are delighted that their children are spending time with books. And they are especially happy that ‘Read to Me’ builds the beneficial habit of reading every day without parents voice! Also easily find that a ‘new book every day’ fits into their lives and becomes part of the daily routine. How great life it is!Please enjoy our Reading School with your child. Reading TIP “Read to me”- Listen to the easy-to-understand narrated story “Subtitle”- Read the book in its traditional form with subtitle ON/OFF “Auto Page”- Plays like a movie, automatically reading and turning pages that your child want. Great for younger children Features *Professional Audio Narration *Beautiful Background Music *High quality illustrated book *Enjoy book: Magic ink, Puzzle *Gift Package Discount event We will keep continues for our kids… ────────────────────── Follow us: twitter.com/Kidstorybookww Like us: facebook.com/pages/Kid-story-books


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Day of release: 2012-10-2

Recommended age: 4+

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