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THIS IS A LITE VERSION of "Reading Sketch" -------------------------- Reading Sketch is an interactive reading book for children who start to learn English. ...

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THIS IS A LITE VERSION of "Reading Sketch" -------------------------- Reading Sketch is an interactive reading book for children who start to learn English. Children can experience a fun and exciting touch of learning with iPad that paper books couldn’t provide. Start your child reading with this interesting interactive reading Book, Reading Sketch! [Interactive Activities of Reading Sketch] drawing pictures, coloring drawing lines with a finger listening, reading, repeating, and recording writing practice with a finger typing with a keyboard dragging and dropping to fill in the blanks well- done sticker rewards [Target] children who start reading in English for the first time [Features] 1. various topics from American textbook 2. well-constructed composition 3. provides a script for performing the play 4. provides fun and easy activities for home schooling 5. leads to repeated practice through pattern drills 6. includes lots of high quality illustration and photos that stimulate children’s imagination [Menu] - Get Ready draws interest before reading the text by showing pictures -My New Words studies words with pictures -Reader's Theater extra activities for role playing -Text lots of colorful illustration stimulate children’s imagination and interest -Pattern Talk speaking practice after reading the main text - Word Power reviews keywords through various activities -Your Turn trains to expand the way of thinking by drawing pictures or writing -Workbook additional study of words, listening, and writing related to main text 리ë
스케치 라이트버전입니다. 챕터 1,2를 이용하실 수 있습니다. -------------------------- 리ë
스케치ëŠâ€... 처음 영어를 접하ëŠâ€ 유초등 어린이를 위한 Interactive Reading Book. 종이책으로ëŠâ€ 즐길 수 없었던 신기하고 재밌ëŠâ€ 영어의 세계. 이제 아이패드의 특성에 맞게 살린 다양한 손가락 활동으로 재미있고 신나게 배워 ë³¼ 수 있습니다. 엄마와 ì•„ë¹ ê°€ 함께 어린이들에게 영어의 세계로 안내해주세ìšâ€. [대상] 처음 영어 Reading 을 시작하ëŠâ€ 어린이 초등 어학원 1ë…„ì°¨ 학생 [특징] 1.미국 교과서의 다양한 소재를 반영 2.10개의 유닛 별로 잘 짜여진 재미있ëŠâ€ 구성 ※ 문의사항이나 개선의견은 ë©â€ì¼ë¡œ 알려주세ìšâ€. 이ë©â€ì¼ : tomato@neungyule.com ※ 토마토 모ë°â€ì¼ SNS 안내 페이스북 : https://www.facebook.com/tomatoclass ë¸â€ë¡œê·¸ : http://tomatomobile.tistory.com/ 네이버 까페 : http://cafe.naver.com/tomatomobile 트위터 : https://twitter.com/tomatomobile 네이버 캐스트 : http://opencast.naver.com/NE411


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