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Do you wish you could read the Thai writing that you see every day? If you live in Thailand, or have Thai friends over the internet, then learning to ...

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Do you wish you could read the Thai writing that you see every day? If you live in Thailand, or have Thai friends over the internet, then learning to read Thai will be very useful. The good news is it's not as hard as you think. But many Thai alphabet apps don't really give you enough information to be able to put entire words together. That's where Reading Thai is different. Reading Thai was designed by a successful Thai language learner who saw the need for an app that could give you all the basic information you need to start reading complete Thai words and pronounce them correctly. You'll learn how syllables are constructed and learn how each component of a syllable affects it’s sound. You’ll learn over 350 vocabulary words and hear each word spoken by a native Thai. Reading Thai includes: * All 44 consonants and their classes. * Different sounds made at the beginning and end of syllables for each letter. * Images to illustrate each consonant’s full name. * Long and short vowels with alternate forms. * Tone and punctuation marks and their uses. * Thai numerals. * Rules for determining tones of syllables. * Rules for letter combination and irregular words. * Phonics-style reading practice with audio. * Alphabet Quiz to check if you remember the Thai letters. Here's what some bloggers have said about Reading Thai: >>>>>>>>>>>> Reviews: "The best Thai reading/alphabet app in the iTunes store. The other alphabet apps are lacking in some way but this one has most everything needed: Consonants, vowels, numbers, tone marks and punctuation, tone rules, letter combination rules, and multi-syllable rules. This app can be used as a learning tool, or to look something up when reading Thai. If you limited yourself to one Thai alphabet app, I would advise getting this app over all others available at this time." >>>>>>>>>>>> "This colorful app has everything beginners need to get the basics down -- consonants, vowels, numbers, tone marks, and those dastardly tone rules. Reading Thai nicely straddles the line between coming off as too child-like and too hard to get into. Good for quick reference, while the option that allows you to hear the letter or vowel being spoken is a nice touch too." -Greg Jorgensen, >>>>>>>>>>>> ***If you are unable to adjust the volume level, simply go to your iPhones Settings>>Sounds, then set "Change with Buttons" to ON.


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