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The one and only numerical, real physics app ... whose intent is to revolutionize physics education. Written by a physicist and educator, the Real Physics ...

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The one and only numerical, real physics app ... whose intent is to revolutionize physics education. Written by a physicist and educator, the Real Physics sandbox subsumes many of the other physics apps on the app store entirely. Now fully iOS 7 ready! Need to check that numerical answer to a physics homework problem … while you watch the problem visually evolve? Want to create and project a physics simulation you built yourself for your students ... in real time? Or do you just have an uncontrollable desire to simulate and animate realistic physical systems? 'Real Physics' is the first explicitly numerical, touch-based, real-time, point-particle simulator of Newtonian mechanics in two dimensions for iOS devices. It can model, animate and numerically solve with high accuracy a wide class of high school and University mechanics problems you set up yourself using its direct, intuitive touch interface and its open-world 'sandbox' design. Whether you're a student who wants to animate and solve a projectile motion or Atwood’s pulley problem, a teacher wanting to show your students the connection between circular motion and simple harmonic motion, or simply someone who wants to numerically simulate an inverse cube law force, this is the one Physics app you must have: it’s like having a calculator of the real world in your hand! Features include the ability to dynamically generate free-body diagrams, trajectories, and essentially arbitrary two variable graphs that evolve while the simulation runs, and whose underlying numerical data you can now export. In addition to a standard set of 'explicit forces', bodies can be subject to essentially arbitrary user-specified position, velocity and time-dependent forces (like inverse square law forces or external driving forces) in terms of Cartesian components, magnitude and direction, or tangential and centripetal components. Bodies can also be constrained to user-defined constraint curves or surfaces (with or without realistic friction), and connected to each other via springs, direct tension force constraints, indirectly through pulleys, or a custom force you specify. Unconstrained and certain singly-constrained bodies can also participate in collisions with each other or with a constraint surface, with a user-specified coefficient of restitution, in order to determine scattering angles and speeds. The ability to specify a 'halting condition' on any physical property of a body that can be graphed as a function of time means that 'Real Physics' can be used to numerically solve a wide range of problems commonly encountered in high school through second year University mechanics. It can even model complex systems numerically that cannot be analytically solved with its choice of five different numerical integrators, time-step, frame rate, and simulation rate control. More than 60 examples are bundled with Real Physics that range from the specific numerical solution of old exam/homework type problems in Newtonian mechanics, to pure qualitative simulations (e.g. the three body problem, or Coulomb scattering), to powerful simulations of Lagrangian mechanics constrained problems (like the double pendulum). And now you can share your worlds with others.


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