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RealityVision® 3.3

At Reality Mobile®, we`re committed to providing enterprise customers with open, flexible options for their mobile video and collaboration requirements. ...

Discontinued App


At Reality Mobile®, we’re committed to providing enterprise customers with open, flexible options for their mobile video and collaboration requirements. As more users migrate to mobile devices (iPads, iPhones), our patented technologies extend users’ ability to share rich media and other information in real-time. Our latest release, RealityVision 3.3, leverages revolutionary, patented processes and existing communications technology to give iOS users: * Integrated Push-to-Talk (PTT) audio through 3rd Party SIP Servers · RealityVision now gives iOS users the ability to have PTT audio conversations by integrating with 3rd Party SIP Servers. · Users can now have secure PTT conversations over TLS/sRTP (dependent upon capabilities of 3rd Party SIP Server). · Users are presented with new PTT buttons on the RealityVision Home or Video Feed (Transmit and Watch) screens. · Administrators can define RealityVision user access to audio channels. * Improved iPad Mapping Display · The iPad maps display now incorporates a new Find feature.  This will allow an iPad user to type in the name of a mapped User or Video Source to quickly find that item on the main map. · If a mapped user is watching multiple video feeds at the same time, an iPad user can now see what that mapped user is watching with a new Multi-Watch pop-over on the main map. * Improved view selection on the Watch screen with the new Viewer Configuration Panel · RealityVision now gives users a new user-friendly way of selecting which views they would like on the Watch screen. · The Viewer Configuration Panel can be pulled down and icons can be selected to decide how the user wishes to view their video with comments or maps. RealityVision is an enterprise mobile collaboration software platform that extends real-time situational awareness by delivering mission and business critical information to and from the mobile edge, over COTS hardware and existing infrastructure. Among its many new benefits, RealityVision 3.3 empowers mobile users to collaborate with each other in dynamic ways â€â€ creating a new category of mobile content and the ability to enhance it with communications options and location-based information and other data. Requires Enterprise Contract & Hosting. NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. RealityVision lets the user specify the desired level of GPS accuracy to optimize battery usage.


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Version: 3.3.4

Size: 11.57 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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