How to develop faster and avoid both under- and overtraining? Welcome the future of fitness with our game-like and quantified self app! RecoApp helps ...

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How to develop faster and avoid both under- and overtraining? Welcome the future of fitness with our game-like and quantified self app! RecoApp helps you to discover a balanced fitness regime – and unleash the secrets of supercompensation (ideal recovery times), sports periodization and your favorite exercises! RecoApp - the best fitness app to optimize your body and exercises. RecoApp is ideal for • Fitness • BodyBuilding • Weight Loss • Calorie and Weight Tracking • Quantify Yourself General features • Optimize your body’s potential • Track stress, nutrition, sleep and workload - crucial for your health and fitness! • Avoid the pitfalls of overtraining • Track your daily calories • Build optimal workout routines (microcycles) • No more memorizing your recent workouts • Enter your workouts after training: no need to carry gadgets to the gym • Bundle muscles together into a single workout or use split body routines • Get notifications about when to workout GET IN SHAPE WITH THE MAX RESULTS PACK! • Maximize your performance via workout variation (mesocycles) • Learn ideal recovery times (supercompensation) • Uncover the secrets of your favorite exercises • Enter your favorite named exercises with sets, reps, weights, rest between sets and notes • See intuitive summaries for your body, muscles, workouts and mesocycles • Analyze and cross-tabulate graphs and intuitive exercise summaries • Benchmark the long-term progress of your favorite exercises • Be notified when to change your workout routine • Track your daily body weight The Data Analyzer: developed in cooperation with users and top scientists! RecoApp’s built in Data Analyzer is the easiest way for you to learn the secrets of your body and your favorite exercises. Whether you’re analyzing one rep max (1RM) in a bench press or your stress levels, our Data Analyzer does the data mining – and covers all the information you need for the optimal and healthiest exercising! Optimal muscle recovery times – what’s in it for you? Muscle recovery time (i.e. rest) is one of the three most important factors in physical exercise. The other two are training and diet. How hard should you be pushing yourself to achieve your peak levels of physical output? Maybe you’re pushing too hard, or maybe not enough. In Sports Science, the optimal post-training period is called supercompensation. RecoApp addresses these problems with patent pending innovation and will help you to listen to your body and gain better results! The secret lies in a combination of optimal workout intense and recovery period from a workout. Is your progress hitting an invisible wall? Remember to vary! Not progressing and maybe losing motivation? According to research, it’s important to vary your workouts periodically, e.g. every 2–8 weeks, to continuously get the maximum results from your workouts. This period of a certain number of weeks is called a mesocycle. At RecoApp, we’ve worked hard and developed an easy-to-use interface that solves these issues and other workout related challenges – with minimal complexity! Improving Health & Fitness with RecoApp – here's how! Strength training (with a workload range from 60–85 % of your maximum) and relatively short-timed (45–60 mins) training combined with sports periodization and right recovery parameters (e.g. rest, nutrition, sleep) are the key ingredients for improving your health and fitness. Strength training combined with proper recovery can optimize the production of your body’s natural hormones. The most immediate results of physical activity are the feel-good hormones. For weight loss for obesity, strength training with a proper diet and rest burns excess fat and helps to achieve your desired body weight with optimally toned muscles. For men’s health, a good balance between your workouts and recovery can optimize and increase your • natural testosterone levels, • memory and concentration, • sex drive, • energy levels and • muscle mass.


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