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This scanner app is the best choice for scanning multiple pages. You can continuously shoot multiple pages, after which you can conduct batch processing ...

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This scanner app is the best choice for scanning multiple pages. You can continuously shoot multiple pages, after which you can conduct batch processing such as choosing photo frames, making photos face the front, and color correction (multiple images can be processed collectively). This processing can also be conducted to a single image. The processing result of each image is listed as thumbnails. If there is an image with wrong frame positions, tap the thumbnail of that image. Then, you can move to the correction mode, and there you can easily correct the frame position. This app has various image processing functions, such as sharpening, a function to thicken up characters alone, and a function to specify and remove shades. These functions enable you to get a high-quality image as if the image was scanned by a scanning device. This app can be applied to scanning of documents, catalogs, receipts, business cards, and notes taken in notebooks. In addition to using iPhone as a scanner, you can shoot the contents written on the white board, posters, or time tables as well. * See Help in this app for basic operation procedures for batch processing. 【Main Functions】 â– Camera (Anti-camera shake measures) -Function that takes multiple continuous shots and chooses the sharpest image (BSS:Best-Shot Selection function) -“Takes photo when shaking stops” function â– Frame recognition -Detection of rectangular fields -Distortion recognition (Can be toggled) -Function that obtains multiple frame candidates â– Geometric correction -Front facing adjustment -Distortion correction (Can be toggled) -Edge smoothing function â– Color correction -Function that obtains fine images. -Brightness adjustment -Background color modification (Function that removes shadows and restores colors that disappeared) -Function that thickens up thin characters. â– Images -Rotation (90°to the left and right; 180°) -Elimination of salt-and-pepper noise (Elimination of unwanted spotty phenomenon) -Ability to cut out designated rectangular fields -Slight cutting of image periphery (Used when contour lines remain on the image) -Ability to designate horizontal-to-vertical ratio of image (Typically handled automatically with option to designate) â– Batch processing - Function that shoots multiple pages continuously. - Function that recognizes frames, makes photos face the front, and corrects colors collectively. â– Saving -Saving in this application -Saving to camera roll â– Sending -Sending via email in JPEG or PDF format -Ability to forward to Evernote, GoogleDocs and Dropbox as JPEG or PDF format -Designating the maximum file size upon sending images â– Other -Includes settings for use with whiteboards. -Enables geometric correction and color correction separate of each other.


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Version: 3.0.0

Size: 8.22 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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