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Red Hawk Attendance

Red Hawk Attendance is a sophisticated way to import, record and share student attendance. An easy to use interface allows teachers, assistants, coaches ...

Discontinued App


Red Hawk Attendance is a sophisticated way to import, record and share student attendance. An easy to use interface allows teachers, assistants, coaches or students to keep attendance or register records and export, save or share attendance records or student lists. Classes, Students and Attendance data can be added manually or easily be imported by email or Dropbox. Templates are included to make this job simpler for busy teachers. If you are starting with this app mid-term or year you can easily import your current attendance information using our ready-made templates. The app works with a universal student list so you can import all your students in one list or by individual classes. Sharing Information Simply and quickly share Attendance reports via email or Dropbox. Share your student lists with others for easy access or import to Red Hawk Attendance on other iDevices. This is a great way to deal with multiple teachers in one class or coaching session - simply save the attendance data to Dropbox and have the next coach/teacher download the newest copy in the next class or session. If you have multiple iDevices, you could also keep the latest version in Dropbox for easy sharing between your mobile devices. A great way to save time for substitute teachers or for team-teachers in your department or school. If others have Red Hawk installed, you can quickly share your saved file on Dropbox and have them take attendance for you. Student information A detailed student profile includes: picture, student ID, name, email, phone number, parent information as well as medical alerts, 5-star behavior awards, custom fields and more. Password protection is included to keep sensitive or personal student info safe. Other features of Red Hawk Attendance: Create Custom Attendance criterion to track trends in your class such as completed homework, injury in PE or change of kit. Universal student lists allow you to add a student to multiple classes Easily add Attendance data to dates past and future (when you know students will be missing or on field trips) Unlimited classes and students Sort students quickly by name; rating; attendance or other to see trends, patterns and follow up on information quickly. Student alert: need to email or follow up on a student, easily alert them from your list to remind you, and simply remove the alert when done. Additional Info To find out more information about Red Hawk Attendance and further releases: * Follow us on Twitter: @appsforacademics * Need further help or advice? Check our website: www.appsforacademics.net


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 1.65 MB


Price: 4,54 €

Developed by Mel Hamada

Day of release: 2013-09-14

Recommended age: 4+

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