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程式查看香港東面水域33個普查點的珊瑚覆蓋率,以及48個指標品種包括造礁珊瑚、魚類和無脊椎類動物çš„分佈及相片。往後到這些珊瑚區遊玩時,不妨試試尋找在那兒居住çš„海洋ç‟物吧! *語言設定:語言版本會因應目前「國際設定」裡çš„語言選擇,自動執行中文或英文版。 The ‘Hong Kong Reef Check’ iPhone application, by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department is launched! You may use this app to browse the coral coverage of 33 survey sites in HK eastern waters, and the distribution and photos of 48 indicator species including reef-building corals, fish and invertebrates. When you visit these coral areas in the near future, try to find these sea creatures living there! *Language Setting: The app can run either the Chinese or English version according to your "International" setting.


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Version: 3.0

Size: 86.63 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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