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The reminder app is like your own pocket personal assistant, in this day` and age of longer working hour`s both your personal and business ...

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The reminder app is like your own pocket personal assistant, in this day’ and age of longer working hour’s both your personal and business life can feel the strain as you struggle to remember all the important dates and information that you need to. What the Reminder app can do for you is help you to stay ahead of the game make sure you’re in her good books by remembering birthdays, anniversaries , never forget Mums’s birthday, sons football match a week next Friday, or your daughters ballet recital in 3 weeks time. In your working life give your boss a reason to give you a bonus give yourself a chance to make sure your right on the ball at work, by always having those important meetings in mind, knowing where your boss and you’re clients most like to eat, how they like to travel etc, what time the plane lands and so on. The reminder app does what it says on the Tin it reminds you of any event you want to be reminded off and so much more The reminder app comes in two parts (friends & family) & (Business) to breakdown the benefits of each : With the friends & family container you are able to pull contacts from your Iphone or you can just add people as a friend or family member , then you are able configure the personal details of each user adding all the standard information such as, name and address , email and phone details then there is a preferences tab where you can add such information as clothes size, shoe size, ring size, Undewear size, Favourite Colour, Favourite Gem, Favourite music, Favourite Cuisine, Favourite Drink, Favourite Restaurant, all information that will help you plan for an event and manage it. You can setup a reminder for an event for example: input your wedding anniversary date as a reminder and you will get reminders prior to the date, and from that reminder using the info in the preferences tab, where there is a useful links page, with a generic list of web sites to go to where you can find the perfect gift, theatre ticket, jewellery etc and you can add to this list if there is not a preference that meets your requirements. You could be on the train to work and your Iphone lets you know a reminder has been flagged for you anniversary, this will enable you to order flowers and champagne and book her favourite restaurant and order ear rings to be delivered to her on the date all before you get in to work, all through your reminder app. all the generic useful links reminder types can be edited to suit. The Business App does all the above and also gives you the ability to manage staff and client events. If you have clients you have to entertain or arrange accommodation , transport, meals, you can store all their personal preferences to make the ability to manage their needs, in doing so enhancing the business relationship. Having a link to their favourite mode of transport or preferred hotel and favourite restaurant or evening entertainment and all from your reminder App, the generic Business reminder types that you can plan for consist off Away days, conference’s, Exhibition, Award ceremony’s , promotion and Events, Product Launch’s and what’s not there you can add as you can also add different useful link’s for each company This will give you the personal touch with collages and clients being able to manage giving the ability to manage all personal and private events .


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