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Do you need an app to help you remember your "day to day" tasks, and to be reminded throughout the day? if so, "Reminder Notes" is for you. Reminder ...

Discontinued App


Do you need an app to help you remember your "day to day" tasks, and to be reminded throughout the day? if so, "Reminder Notes" is for you. Reminder Notes app will simplify your task management and will make it an app for everyone to use, plain simple task management. Just worry about what you need to get done today. HOW DOES IT WORK? The idea is very simple: as long as you have open notes, you will be reminded continuously as frequently as you choose. Unlike other reminder apps that function the same way as the built-in alarm app, this app takes a totally different approach: "keep reminding me as long as I am not done with my tasks for the day" FEATURES: --------- ✓ Local notification Get reminder alerts as frequent as once per hour. Set it up to be reminded as frequent as: + Every 1 hour + Every 2 hours + Every 4 hours + Every 8 hours + Every 12 hours + Every 24 hours ✓ Icon Badge count auto update Icon badge count will be updated to reflect the number of open notes. ✓ Day to day TO DO App This app will let you focus what you need get done from day to day. ✓ Notes come to life How many times have you entered important information into your notes app to forget about it later and then have no clue what it was about? With this app, enter your notes, and be assured to be reminded later at your convenience so you can act on it accordingly. ✓ Slick User interface You want to make sure you don't forget anything, just launch the app, add your notes, and you are done. No need to specify anything else, except you can pick your note color theme, otherwise it will be automatically picked for you. ✓ Capture your Meeting minutes, class notes ...etc Also use Reminder notes to enter your meeting minutes, class notes. Once done, just email all the notes, and it will formatted as list of to do's. How many times have you sent emails to remind yourself of things to do? ✓ Notes App Or, just turn off the reminder option and use this app just for notes. With it's intuitive interface each note is in its own page, where you can flip through pages with ease. The note will recognize URL's, phone numbers, email addresses, dates ...etc. ✓ Flash Card app You can use this app as flashcard also. ✓ Pick from 20 beautiful color themes for your notes ✓ Addicting to use Once your are used to using Reminder Notes, you will never be able to go without it. Never say I forgot again, and buy this app


Technical specifications

Version: 1.01

Size: 5.39 MB


Price: 0,90 €

Developed by Issam Qadan

Day of release: 2011-03-31

Recommended age: 4+

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