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Finally, an app to help you manage your vacation rental home! RentalCal lets you keep a copy of your vacation rental calendar to hand. Much more than ...

Discontinued App


Finally, an app to help you manage your vacation rental home! RentalCal lets you keep a copy of your vacation rental calendar to hand. Much more than a simple calendar, RentalCal helps you manage your vacation rental business while on the move. ***** New Features ***** - Totally Re-Written We have listened to the feedback, and re-written RentalCal from the ground up! We have added new features, and improved existing ones. - Dropbox Support RentalCal now supports Dropbox. This allows you to backup and restore your entries automatically, and adds the option to keep multiple devices in sync. You can add a reservation on your iPhone and it will automatically sync to your other phones or iPads. All you need to enable this feature is a free Dropbox account. - Passcode Protection Another new feature, pass code protection lets you set a four digit code that must then be entered when you start the app, keeping your reservations away from prying eyes, or preventing accidental changes by other users of your phone. - Suitable for a single home, or multiple properties RentalCal Pro can be used for just a single property, or multiple units / homes. When used for a single home you will go straight to the availability calendar screen when you start the app, whilst if you add more homes you will be shown a list of your properties so you can select the one you want to look at. - Check availability at a glance Easily see when your property is available and when you are booked. Tap on a reservation to see details, or tap on an empty date to add a new reservation. - Multiple lookup options View reservations using the calendar, the guests name, or reservation date. Easily sort reservations by the clients name and the reservation date. - Guest contact from within app Contact guests easily by email or telephone using quick links within the app. - Active Development We really want to make RentalCal the best possible app for vacation home owners. If there is something you would like to see added to the app, or experience any problems please contact us so we can help. *** How is RentalCal Pro Different to the Lite version? *** RentalCal Pro is always at least one step ahead of the lite version, containing all the latest features first and there are of course no adverts in this version. If you are happy with a slightly older version and don't mind a few adverts the free edition is all you need, however if you want the latest features and would like to remove the ads the pro version gives you this option.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.7.1

Size: 3.33 MB


Price: 2,67 €

Developed by Byoni

Day of release: 2010-04-17

Recommended age: 4+

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