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Please note you must have a registered Rentview Agency account before downloading. Rentview Inventory is the most comprehensive digital system for the ...

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Please note you must have a registered Rentview Agency account before downloading. Rentview Inventory is the most comprehensive digital system for the inventory process taking the user through collection, reporting, editing and ultimately storing the full history of a property using any mobile device and the internet. This simple to use application and online platform is designed to record and protect the condition of rental properties and the investment associated with that property. The Rentview Inventory application's intuitive workflow allows you to keep your normal process of dictation and digital pictures. However, instead of sending dictation notes to be transcribed by a third party, with Rentview Inventory the transcription is automatic whilst still allowing you to edit and enhance your notes. No more costly and time consuming typing required. You can use the provided list of rooms, spaces and items to collect uniform data but the application also has the flexibility for you to add and customise the exact information you want. Once you have recorded the condition of the property on site you simply send the data to our secure server with the single click of a button. The report is then available online via your agency account and at this stage you can amend, add more detail or include your company logo. Once you’re happy with the report you can print a PDF copy or digitally share the report with others. The Rentview platform acts as a completely secure online location for all your properties that can be easily accessed by you from anywhere via the internet. Future condition reports for the same property are merged with the original inventory report for quick and easy check-out reports. The system also allows you to create stand alone check-out reports as well as comparison reports that quickly and easily allow you to see any changes over time. It's simple and effective but will revolutionise your business. KEY FEATURES: - Easy to follow process that builds on the current skills of the inventory system - Unlimited number of rooms, spaces and items - Unlimited photos - Easy dictation with automatic transcription - Uniform data collection with flexibility to adapt and enhance - Automatic date and location stamped on photos and reports - Full audit trail of activities on the application and online - Secure storage of your report for future use - Supports multiple rental properties - Ability to edit all data collected online TELL US WHAT YOU THINK: We want to make your life easier when it comes to inventory reporting and protecting valuable assets. Let us know what you like and what you think we could do better. Email us at:


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