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!! ON SALE 0.99c !! Rep-It - The Simple, Stand-Alone CRM! If you've been looking for a stand-alone CRM program that is easy, fast and effective your ...

Discontinued App


!! ON SALE 0.99c !! Rep-It - The Simple, Stand-Alone CRM! If you've been looking for a stand-alone CRM program that is easy, fast and effective your search is over. Rep-it has been designed by reps for reps. This powerful CRM is encased in a simple and intuitive interface which makes learning the program a breeze, while still giving you the functionality you need to effectively manage your customers and your daily schedule. Sick of doing call sheets at the end of each day? Rep-It makes it easy, producing call sheets for you with the push of a button that can be emailed to you or your boss. Expenses, appointments, customer notes, sales reports, customer history it's all here without the need for any other software. No other back to base, expensive CRM host, no additional monthly fees, just Rep-It and your iPhone or iPad. •Plan-It, Record-It, Report-It •Import your existing customer spreadsheets or enter data manually •Sort customers into groups and territories for easy categorization •Map, track and identify customers and prospects via GPS mapping •Generate reports on anything you need. Including sales history, customer contact history, expense history and more •Schedule all your calls, appointments and notifications quickly and easily •Notes can be assigned to specific customers or a general notation log so all your days thoughts can be kept, reviewed and emailed to you at any time •Produce call sheets with the push of a button that can include photos and audio files •Track your expenses with Rep-It's easy Expense Tracker and send you or your boss an expense history with the push of a button Start-It So how does it work? Simply import your customer details via a spreadsheet or enter them manually to get started. There's no limit to the number of customers and everything is stored on your phone so you're not lost if your internet connection is. Store customers by groups and territories. Plan-It Plan your calls with our integrated GPS mapping feature which shows all of your customers and prospects as colour coded pins on territory or group maps. You can even send these maps to yourself to use as great visual planning tools or in sales reports. Planning daily call runs has never been easier. Simply select customers by territory, group or as individual entries and place them on the call log. It takes less than a minute to plan an entire days calls! Record-It As you make each call, add notes, photos and even recordable voice messages to call entries on the run sheet. That's right, you can take photos and record audio messages directly through your iPhone/iPad that will be attached forever to that customer call. Want to show your boss what your competitors are doing on shelf? Attach a photo, got a complex set of instructions for the accounts department? No problem, attach an audio recording and you're all done! Making appointments and scheduling your time is a breeze with Rep-It. Use the pre-defined drop down menu to select the type of appointment, the customer or prospect and the time. Rep-It will remind you of every important event and place all scheduled items into your call sheet so you have a comprehensive record of everything you did each and every day. Report-It Report-It quickly and easily with Rep-It. Every note, appointment, expense, sale and customer entry can be reported by date, customer type or individual record at any time. When your day is over simply email the completed call sheet to yourself and all the attachments are neatly packaged ready to be reviewed anytime. No more going home and writing up the days calls, the nights are yours again! Rep-It really is the best way yet to manage your customers and prospects. It's ideal for small companies who don't have expensive back to base CRMs, sales reps who are responsible for their own planning or larger companies who've discovered that complex CRMs don't get compliance in the field.


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Version: 1.7

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