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Land the job you want with a knock-out résumé! ResuM8 is the COMPLETE résumé writing app for your iPhone or iPad. ResuM8 was developed by Career ...

Discontinued App


Land the job you want with a knock-out résumé! ResuM8 is the COMPLETE résumé writing app for your iPhone or iPad. ResuM8 was developed by Career Marketing Specialists Inc. (CMS) corporate outplacement consultants to hundreds of organizations, including many Fortune 500 companies and government departments, since 1981. (See client list at CMScareers.net). During this time they have written résumés for tens of thousands of clients ranging from senior executives to middle managers to entry level operators. PASS ‘THE 10 SECOND RESUME TEST’ Employers receive lots of résumés, and they seldom have time to read detailed documents from people they don’t know. To attract their attention, a résumé must be properly HEADLINED and contain the important KEY-WORD PHRASES today’s Managers are looking for. In short, job-seekers only have about 10 seconds to get their main message across to busy decision makers. The ResuM8 app enables you to attract the attention you deserve. FREE: A professional résumé template you can email (with an in-app COVER LETTER) from your phone or tab. Fill in the forms as they appear on your screen, click “SEND” and you’re done! It’s that easy. $2.99 (OPTIONAL) THOUSANDS OF KEY WORD PHRASES : This database contains thousands of finely crafted sentences to help you (a) write a headline for your résumé (and LinkedIn profile) that concisely describes your CAREER OBJECTIVE (b) describe the “MAJOR STRENGTHS’ which you should be offering employers in today’s competitive marketplace, and (c) describe the ‘DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES’ decision-makers are EXPECTING you to have experienced during the course of your career, i.e. this is the PROOF that you can do what you say you can do. Without a doubt, these carefully written ‘KEY-WORD PHRASES’, all taken from current real-world situations, will solve any creative-writing problems you might be having - and give you the winning edge over your competitors. The Key Word Phrases are organized in the “Occupational Areas” shown below; note, you can use the examples from ALL of these areas. - ADMINISTRATION - ACCOUNTING - COMMUNITY HEALTH - COMMUNICATIONS & GRAPHICS - CUSTOMER SERVICE - DISTRIBUTION - H.R. & TRAINING - I.T. & BUSINESS ANALYSIS - MANUFACTURING - OPERATORS & LABOR - PURCHASING - RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT - SALES & MARKETING SUMMARY OF FEATURES: 1. FREE ACCESS TO THE PROFESSIONAL RESUME BUILDER that our corporate clients use every day. This ensures you give employers the information they’re looking for in the WAY they like to see it, i.e. “At a Glance!” Also study the EXAMPLE of a résumé that passes the 10 second test; and use the in-app email feature to submit your new résumé (with a customized cover letter) directly from your device the moment you see a suitable career advertisement. You can also send it to yourself as an RTF for later editing and printing at home if you wish. 2. IDEAS DATABASE - USE THOUSANDS OF KEY-WORD PHRASES: ($2.99) simply select the phrases you need and paste them into the appropriate sections of the in-app résumé builder. Nothing could be easier. NB: This database is constantly being updated to keep it current with the job market. 3. PERSONAL ASSISTANCE: (Optional - $100.00) if you would like your new ResuM8 résumé checked over and edited by one our professional résumé writer(s), visit www.ResuM8.net for details. BONUS: Our e-Book “INTERVIEW PREPARATION: will be sent to you as a bonus when you select our help to fine tune you resume describe in paragraph 3 above. Give Yourself the WINNING EDGE with ResuM8!


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