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"Nobody wants to build a resume; it's daunting, and usually depressing. This streamlines the process for you..." - review - 5/15/2009 "...This ...

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"Nobody wants to build a resume; it's daunting, and usually depressing. This streamlines the process for you..." - review - 5/15/2009 "...This app takes a bunch of personal and professional information, then creates a very good looking PDF resumé file that you can then send to contacts you meet..." - review - 5/20/2009 "A quick and easy option for job seekers who are on the go." - review - 07/12/2009 Awarded with "HOTTEST" award by iPhoneAppsPlus - 11/04/2009 Vurgood Applications has created a simple way to quickly build, preview, and send a professional-looking PDF resume without hiring a professional or spending vast amounts of time formatting a document of your own! This application provides "on-the-go" ability to quickly generate (from scratch) and send out a resume from your iPhone! In this declining market/economy, it is crucial to be able to do this in order to get out your qualifications to companies ASAP. Within miliseconds of inputting your information, Resume App will generate a professional-looking PDF resume that is completely customizable with whatever information you choose to include! You can input as many past job experiences as needed, as well as specific education information and activities. You can input specific skill-sets that you have obtained, and you can even include extracurricular activities if you choose. If you desire, the application allows multiple references, as well as photographs, all of which can be included in the PDF resume! Also an option exists to include a generic cover-letter if the destination company/organization requires it. After generating the PDF, the application allows the user to PREVIEW the resume to confirm that it looks to his or her satisfaction. Then the user has the ability, with a press of a button, to send the document to an email address of your choice - the app also allows CC and BCC fields - Send it to yourself to have at your disposal, or send it directly to a company or recruiter! Information available for input: - Basic personal information (name, home/work phone, address, etc.) - Work Experience (company, Job title, time worked, position, etc.) - Education - Skill-sets - Extracurricular Activities - References (name, company, title, contact number, email) - Photos (up to 4 per Resume) Features include: - Easy-to-use, quick entry fields with examples to guide - Preview ability for the PDF - Email the PDF without worrying about attaching it yourself to an email - Customization and settings (including a border around page, include pictures/references, etc.) - Include a generic cover letter if needed - Uses your own iPhone email account ** Keep in mind that although every input field is optional, the more you fill out, the more full and professional the Resume will look!! COMING SOON: - Custom Cover Letter - Ability to re-order sections on Resume - RTF format resumes - Sync to PC/Mac - More/custom categories Visit us at: or on myspace and facebook!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.81

Size: 555.35 KB


Price: 2,79 €

Developed by Vurgood Applications

Day of release: 2009-05-15

Recommended age: 4+

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