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"This app is a saving grace in my business, absolute must and has made me fine tune my pricing, making me more profit !! Couldn't do without it, thank ...

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"This app is a saving grace in my business, absolute must and has made me fine tune my pricing, making me more profit !! Couldn't do without it, thank you:))" - GP, Ireland Retail Calculators is designed for the retail store owner. This free version contains 7 retail calculators you can use to help manage your business. Retail Calculators help you price merchandise, understand contribution and gross profit margins, calculate loan payments and more. Free Calculators include: * Contribution Margin  * Loan Payment  * Inventory Turnover (Stock Turn) * Markup * Weight of Liquids * DCF Valuation - 1 Yr - Quick * Shift Hours It is easy to upgrade Retail Calculators to add an addition 36 retail calculators. Financial Ratios * Break-Even Analysis * Cost of Goods Sold * Current Ratio * Debt-to-Worth Ratio * Gross Margin * Gross Margin Return on Investment * Percent Change in Sales * Profit Before Taxes Percent * Quick Ratio (Acid Test) * Sales per Square Unit Financing & Loans * Business Loans * Business Financing * Interest Only Payment * Loan Amount Supported By Cash Flow * Loan Comparison * Loan Schedule * Vehicle Loans & Leases * Vehicle Lease Payments * Vehicle Loan Payments Inventory Management * Average Inventory * Open-to-Buy * Sell-Through Rate * Shrinkage * Stock-to-Sales Ratio Pricing * Cost of Goods - Fixed Markup * Cost of Goods - Percentage Markup * Initial Markup * Markup - Keystone Method * Percentage * Percentage Increase/Decrease * Quantity Pricing * Retail Price - Fixed Markup * Retail Price - Percentage Markup Retail Space Lease * Area * Retail Rental Rate * Triple Net Lease Start-up & Operating Costs * Fixed Start-up Costs * Monthly Operating Costs Retail Calculators also includes three additional upgrades that you can add at any time. Business Valuation 12 additional calculators you need to determine the value of a business and calculate calculate loan payments. Unit Conversions A collection of over 25 essential unit conversion calculators to help you convert things from angles to weights of liquids. Dates & Times Over 35 calculators help you understand and manage project timing and deadlines. If you own or manage a retail business Retail Calculators is the app for you.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 7.17 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Double Dog Studios

Day of release: 2012-10-23

Recommended age: 4+

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