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---------------------------------------- IN SHORT: gallery of old Retro Computers from the 70`90`s, now more than 160+ models ---------------------------------------- planned ...

Discontinued App


---------------------------------------- IN SHORT: gallery of old Retro Computers from the 70’90’s, now more than 160+ models ---------------------------------------- planned upgrades: - random pick - timeline gallery - hole-card computers ---------------------------------------- Why this app: Since my childhood i’ve been fascinated with computers, these mysterious and magnificent creatures, which from a stack of 1’s and 0’s could draw images, create music, calculate the most ridiculous things and entertain with it’s blip and blop’s. I feel extremely privileged to have be born and raised in the age of computers at the time. When i decided to make this app i had no idea of what journey it would be, neither the vast amount of Computer models which were created throughout the 70’s to the 90’s, i have spent countless of hours exploring the history of the “The Golden Computer age” alongside with my own childhood memories of the time, but i came to the conclusion that this should not be a typical history application but rather a gallery of some of the most amazing models from the “Golden Computer Age”, a gallery exploring the shapes, forms, designs and aesthetics of these magnificent creatures, all for you to explore. This application currently holds more than 160 models and plans to expand with older dinosaurs like hold-card machines, if 160+ models is not enough or there’s a specific model you miss, then please don’t hesitate to email me. all material used in this app is part of the Creative commons mainly acquired from Flickr and Wikipedia, special thanks goes to: old-computers.com, atarimuseum.com, computer history museum (computerhistory.org) for their great work of showcasing and documenting these marbles of history. also a special thought goes to everyone out there who helps keeping life in these old machines from the past.


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