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THIS IS AG RETAIL RE-IMAGINED. We say "re-imagined" because we built RevMatic from a sales representative`s perspective, always looking at the ...

Discontinued App


THIS IS AG RETAIL RE-IMAGINED. We say "re-imagined" because we built RevMatic from a sales representative’s perspective, always looking at the world through their eyes. RevMatic gives retailers the first tool of its kind that lets you spot gaps in farming operations and recognize opportunities for everyone across the supply chain. 1. Turns Data into Insights RevMatic is the first mobile product made for retail that gives you valuable, unified data and turns it into actionable insights. You can use the insights immediately to make your job and productivity better. 2. Connects Multiple Systems RevMatic integrates with RevId Scouting App, SST agX and back office administration systems, to give you a unified view of your growers’ entire operations. Plan, Sell, Scout, React, Track and Analyze. One system does it all. 3. Works the Way You Do RevMatic allows you to do your job on the fly. Locate fields, scout and report issues and even push your annual plans into a scenario calculator so you know you’re maximizing your customer’s potential. Even run complicated reports with minimal effort. 4. Arms You With Confidence RevMatic is armed with powerful data, such as year-over-year historical insights, outcomes of previous harvests, even collaboration tools that channel the confidence of group knowledge to correctly identify issues in the field. We've even partnered with SST Software to integrate your SST Summit field boundaries.


Technical specifications

Version: 0.9.7

Size: 7.27 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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