Rhythmic Mandarin Chinese (Lite + In-App Purchase)

Enjoy conversational level Chinese without ever needing to go to class! If you like to learn on the go and you're sick of wasting time with grammar drills, ...

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Enjoy conversational level Chinese without ever needing to go to class! If you like to learn on the go and you're sick of wasting time with grammar drills, then Rhythmic Mandarin is the tool for you. The Rhythmic Mandarin series works because … - Easy-listening songs introduce the Mandarin Chinese language to you in a pleasant, relaxing environment. - You will always understand what you are hearing because English translations are presented together with the Mandarin Chinese. - You can watch the lyrics on screen as you listen to the songs. And, you can choose to see the Chinese words written Phonetically or with Characters. - You also get a bonus program featuring podcast-style tracks of "Memory Hooks" (word plays and word associations) to help you remember the new Mandarin Chinese sounds. - As you listen, you will notice how the words are arranged in harmony with the rhythm. Feel free to tap your foot and get your whole body involved – it will help you remember even more! - Your control your own learning. Listen whenever and wherever you want. There’s no homework, nothing to write down and no boring classes that you have to attend! - The visible play count keeps you informed of what you’ve covered so far and which songs are still in need of your further attention. The 99c version of this app includes the first two songs from Rhythmic Mandarin Volume 1, and the first “Memory Hook” track. It also includes a bonus program of selected highlights from our book "The Third Ear - You Can Learn Any Language". The remaining 12 songs from Rhythmic Mandarin Volume 1, and all of the tracks from Volumes 2 & 3, are available via In-App Purchase. Rhythmic Mandarin Chinese Volume 1 Vol. 1 gives you 230+ core words and phrases. The ideal tool for absolute beginners, you will learn to order food and drink, ask for directions or help, deal with money, numbers, weeks and days and take a taxi. Rhythmic Mandarin Chinese Volume 2 Vol. 2 builds on the successful formula of Volume 1 and gives you another 350+ useful words and phrases. You will learn how to ask for the time, inquire after someone's health, express your personal preference, buy a train ticket, check-in to your hotel room, ask if something is nearby and – just in case it all goes horribly-wrong - insist that you've only just started learning Chinese! Rhythmic Mandarin Chinese Volume 3 Vol. 3 is jam-packed with over 350+ high-frequency words and phrases. The content focuses on real situations you will find yourself in every day and while traveling. We also introduce some "Super Phrases" that will help you sound just like a native, and some "Vocab Builders" to help broaden your range of possible conversation topics. Note: Mandarin Chinese is the official, national language of the People's Republic of China. If you wish to learn Cantonese Chinese (the dialect of Hong Kong and many overseas Chinese communities), you should check out Rhythmic Cantonese.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.6.0

Size: 290.61 MB


Price: 0,85 €

Developed by The Third Ear

Day of release: 2011-04-19

Recommended age: 12+

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