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Welcome to the River View Ethnographic Observation System App. This App ‘talks` to a project management web application also called River View. ...

Discontinued App


Welcome to the River View Ethnographic Observation System App. This App ‘talks’ to a project management web application also called River View. Please register here: https://www.river-view.net/ and use the same username and password to login with your App. Once you are logged in, your device and the web application will sync automatically Here is some of the functionality you will find on the River View website: - Attach both Tasks and Tags to clips on your iPhone App to allow both filtering and keyword searches. - Comment on and rate clips, pictures, audio and text. - Grant different permission levels to users such as ‘view only’, ‘comment’ or even ‘add new entries’. - Create work spaces and invite selected colleagues to view selected events and collaboratively generate insights, etc. - Upload fresh content from mobile devices (and desktops). - Upload all associated material such as final debrief document, brief, related reports and the like. - Depending on permissions, users may also download clips to insert into their own documents and reports PLEASE NOTE USERNAME AND PASSWORD ARE CASE SENSITIVE AND WILL NOT SYNC WITH THE WEB APPLICATION IF CAPS/LOWER CASE IS NOT IDENTICAL. However the new barcode feature allows you to login without any typing. Using the App Once you login to your App, any projects you create on it will sync with the web application in the background. The same will happen, only in reverse, with projects created on the web Application. Creating a project Give your project a name and click on it to give a description, create themes and tags and respondents. Creating an entry Select an icon at the bottom of your screen to take a picture, photo, audio or create a text entry. Sending an entry Once you have captured an entry, click on the project the entry is for to select the theme or themes to tag your entry with. By pressing ‘send’ you will be given the option of sending now or later. Send later if you have captured video and wish to wait until you have access to WiFi. Sending takes place in the background. And depending on the size of the file being sent, the entry and all associated information, such as geographic location and themes, will automatically appear on your web application. Please contact us at info@ethosapp.com if you have any questions.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.2

Size: 3.17 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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