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Going abroad? Link your mobile number to a foreign SIM and save up to 97% on roaming. You can still use your foreign SIM card for cheap local calls and ...

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Going abroad? Link your mobile number to a foreign SIM and save up to 97% on roaming. You can still use your foreign SIM card for cheap local calls and data. *** New users get €5 bonus*** *** Start saving in 3 simple steps *** 1. Before departure, launch Roamer and tap ‘Park My Number’. By parking your number you link your regular phone number to a dedicated temporary service number. 2. Purchase a foreign SIM card and authorise it through Roamer. You will need a SIM card with a minimal data plan to authorise your number. 3. Receive and make calls. Once the SIM is authorised, calls to your regular number start reaching you instantly. For international calls, including your home country, use Roamer. To make local calls, use your phone's default dialer. Your SIM card balance will not be charged for using Roamer. *** How Roamer works? *** Roamer uses a combination of technology and magic to let you avoid roaming while keeping your regular number. Roamer links your number to a foreign SIM card with no roaming charges. We use GSM to connect calls (not WiFi or 3G), thus offering excellent call quality regardless of the internet connection speed in the area. *** How do I receive calls with my number? *** As soon as you authorise your foreign SIM card, calls to your regular number start coming in as usual. It's that simple. You don’t need WiFi or 3G for incoming calls. *** How do I make calls with my regular number? *** Roamer works via callback service. To make a call, launch Roamer, select a contact from the list (or dial the number manually) and press Call. Receive callback, pick up the phone and wait for connection. The other party will see your usual caller ID. *** How to make a local call while abroad? *** To make local calls while abroad simply use your phone's default dialer. Local calls are provided by your foreign mobile operator and have no connection with Roamer. *** How do I get charged? *** You will only be charged from your Roamer account when receiving calls from your home country or calling abroad with Roamer. Calls are charged on a per second basis with no connection fees or hidden fees of any kind. Rates may vary depending on country. When calling locally and using the internet you will only be charged from your foreign SIM card balance. *** Which countries are supported by Roamer? *** You can travel to over 212 countries of the world, but you should be travelling from one of the 54 countries where you can park your number. A detailed list of all supported countries is available on roamerapp.com or via application. *** Do you use WiFi/3G to connect calls? *** No! We always use GSM to connect calls to ensure the best call quality possible. Incoming calls will reach your phone as usual, no 3G needed. To make an outgoing call you need a one-time Internet connection to send a callback request (WiFi, GPRS or higher quality connection). No voice traffic is broadcasted over the data connection, so it will take almost none of your data plan. *** What about data roaming? *** Once you arrive at your destination country, you install a new SIM card to use with Roamer. With a new SIM you normally get a data plan from a local operator, which is the cheapest option available. On top of that, by running Roamer, you get to keep your regular phone number for incoming and outgoing calls, all the while saving up to 97% on regular roaming rates.


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