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Rocket Lawyer On Call (R) is the simple and affordable way to get quick answers to your legal questions right from your phone. Ask experienced lawyers ...

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Rocket Lawyer On Call (R) is the simple and affordable way to get quick answers to your legal questions right from your phone. Ask experienced lawyers your questions, and create free legal documents and forms which you can eSign in seconds. Rocket Lawyer saves you time and money. Our network of attorneys is always here to help, giving you the guidance you need, when you need it. Download the app today and discover a whole new way to do legal. With Rocket Lawyer On Call you can: GET LEGAL QUESTIONS ANSWERED ONLINE Open our legal Q&A and submit your written question Get a private answer from a lawyer within one business day -- no matter how complex your issue is Ask follow up questions if needed CREATE AND ESIGN AN NDA FOR FREE Create a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in seconds, right on your phone or tablet Hand your device to the person who needs to sign it. You can also email the NDA to them They create or sign in to an account, add their electronic signature to create a legally binding agreement between the two of you When you sign in, you can see all the NDAs you’ve created or signed. CONSULT WITH A LAWYER You know that the law is complex and mistakes can be costly. When you need more help, you’ll have access to lawyers who can give you legal advice you need to make the right decisions for your business and the people you love. Describe your legal issue We’ll find a lawyer in your area who can help Members get free consultations and pre-negotiated rates. Download Rocket Lawyer On Call today, so you can get answers to your legal questions, create free legal documents and forms, or speak to an attorney. NOTE: Our app is not linked to existing accounts. To use, please visit our web site. WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY “There was no hassle with Rocket Lawyer. I made an NDA and they made me feel really relaxed, less stressed.” - Gary J., Green Energy Solutions “Some things I knew we needed, other things I hadn’t even considered. Rocket Lawyer On Call meant we could afford to get all of our legal needs taken care of.” Chris Boll, Boll Landscaping "Rocket Lawyer made it really easy to take my company to the next level, providing all of the necessary legal forms and services to bring the process to completion. What made it even better were the questionnaires that helped guide me through the legal jargon." -- Ryan N., co-founder QuantumCamp "Rocket Lawyer helped me find a lawyer - he was quick to respond and gave me really helpful advice on my new business and liability. I can't wait to keep working with him." - Sean R., Project Lifeline What’s New in Version 1.0.0 Easy scheduling to speak with an attorney about your legal issue Answers to your legal questions in 24 hours or less Unilateral NDAs you can get make and esign in seconds


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