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ORIGINAL PHONICS SONGS + ENGAGING VOICE,+ ROCKING RHYTHM + KARAOKE LYRICS = PLAYFUL LEARNING! This unique, musical phonics app is a multi-sensory educational ...

Discontinued App


ORIGINAL PHONICS SONGS + ENGAGING VOICE,+ ROCKING RHYTHM + KARAOKE LYRICS = PLAYFUL LEARNING! This unique, musical phonics app is a multi-sensory educational tool for young and new language learners ages 2 and up. It combines original music, creative illustrations and written words, highlighted in time with the singer, to teach the letters and sounds of the alphabet. Expose and develop your young learners to a lifelong love of reading and music! PLAYFUL LEARNING! By marrying upbeat karaoke with phonics through 26 original songs, learners and teachers become engaged in exploring language in a contemporary, fun fashion. - Read and sing along with the music. - As audio plays, each word and letter sound in the song is highlighted in time with the singer. LYRICAL! - Easy to read songs! Alliteration, cadence, rhyming and phonics sounds are sung in contemporary and richly orchestrated melodies. - Includes 40 sight words form the Dolche word list. ARTFUL! With each letter is a beautifully illustrated animal, masterfully created by Sarah Ingles. All ages will love the character dynamics like the Castanet-playing cow, Drumming dog, Baseball bear, and Yakity yak. INTERACTIVE! Song can be stopped at any time by tapping on the image, the letter or the PAUSE button 1. Tap on the picture and hear the words in the song that begin with that letter. 2. Tap on the upper case or lower case letter and hear the name of the letter. 3. Tap on the upper or lower case of the letter again and hear the sound that letter makes. MUSICAL! This unique app takes young learners above and beyond the world of nursery rhymes. Children become aware of music and rhythm through a variety of musical genres: - Pop, rock, rap,country - Reggae, latin, soul - Funk, ska, theatrical, folk - R&B, gospel, dance ORCHESTRATED! Children learn to hear and appreciate musical instruments used in original composition: - Piano, organ, synthesizers - Brass, violin, saxophone - Bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar - Castanets, maracas, tambourine - Drums, congas, percussion AN EDUCATION ALTERNATIVE FOR TEACHERS & THERAPISTS A unique phonics approach. In conjunction with phonemic awareness, it is perfect for pre-school, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, special education, home school and any English language development program (ELD, ELL, ESL) RELATED CATEGORIES: Early learning, language, letters, phonemes, reading, sight words, music AGES: Two and up TECHNICAL - Lyrics are featured in large black font with highlighted words in underlined red font, for easy reading by young learners. - Easy swipe navigation advances to the next song. - Baby-mode option auto advances to next song card every 10 seconds. - Big MENU and PAUSE buttons with fun sound effects are perfect for young fingers. - Song can be stopped at any time by tapping the image or the letter to review the words and letter sounds. ABOUT US Rockin' Phonics is the brainchild of Seri Gee, an accomplished musician, composer, music teacher and founder of Kalagan Productions, a family-run and family-oriented company that produces music for audio-visual products aimed at young learners. Our mission is to create original, richly orchestrated educational songs that help children discover and forge a lifelong love of learning and music! APP DEVELOPERS Many thanks to Neil Smith and The team from Mobility Go Inc. for their support COMMENTS AND FEEDBACK Always welcome! Email us at rockinphonics@gmail.com Visit us: www.rockinphonics.com Like us: www.facebook.com/rockinphonics Talk about us: www. twitter.com/RPhonics


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