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"Kids will experience a “visual, entertaining, and fact-filled app covering rocks, soil, minerals, and fossils.” -- the iPhone Mom Review "This is a ...

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"Kids will experience a “visual, entertaining, and fact-filled app covering rocks, soil, minerals, and fossils.” -- the iPhone Mom Review "This is a marvelous educational app that should be utilized in science classes and for anyone that is teaching about our earth. This app is well worth the money." - AppyMall Review Rocks HD is a multi-sensory exploration of key topics in Earth Sciences such as the rock cycle, various types of rocks and their geology, minerals and excavation, soil types and horizons, weathering and erosion, formation of fossils, and various types of fossils. If you have ever wondered about questions like: - How are rocks formed and what role do they play on Earth? - What are the different layers of the Earth? - What are minerals and how are they formed? - How are the rock structures in Grand Canyon and Arches National monument formed? - How is soil formed and what are the different layers (horizons)? - What is a fossil, how is it formed? - Are there different types of fossils? - What does a paleontologist do and what tools does he or she use? Then you should get the Rocks HD app !! With wonderful pictures, videos and sound effects, Rocks HD simulates an in-the-field experience and provides an entertaining and immersive exploration of various topics. ***** FEATURES: - HD picture based navigation with sound effects; swipe to navigate; touch to learn more - Additional videos and photos available from the top menu - Text with Voice over narration for the beginning reader - Quiz based on Bloom's taxonomy - Did You Know section with WOW facts about each topic. - Easy, Intermediate and Advanced level questions based on Bloom's Taxonomy to test knowledge about the various topics. Privacy Policy - We DO NOT display ads, have social media connections, track locations, or have any In-App purchase. We have the app linked to carefully curated and tested links to videos on You Tube. Please find more information here - ***** For more information on news and updates, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @SproutLabs. ***** For feature requests, feedback or support, send email to


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 361.98 MB


Price: 2,49 €

Developed by Sprout Labs, LLC

Day of release: 2013-03-31

Recommended age: 12+

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