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Rocks In My Socks: 3D Augmented Reality Activities

This free App is compatible with iPad2+ and works with 2 sets of gaming activities. First is the free Rock Launcher game, and the second is with 8 activities ...

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This free App is compatible with iPad2+ and works with 2 sets of gaming activities. First is the free Rock Launcher game, and the second is with 8 activities found in the Rocks In My Socks Book. Get ready for some Augmented Reality fun! Yes, Augmented Reality - where reality as you know it is ‘augmented’to give you a new ‘out of this world’ experience. From Dennis: This app, along with the book, blows me away-so much fun! I, my wife, and daughter love it!! It's a beautiful compromise between traditional and new media! Bravo From Francop81: This is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time! Besides the fact that the game itself is a lot of fun, I absolutely love the idea of making books fun and interactive like this for kids. This has so much potential, it's exciting just to think about it. Can't wait to hear/see more. Free Game: Rock Launcher You and your wee-one will have a ‘blast’, literally, as you try to launch silly sized rocks into the pink and white socks! To play the Rock Launcher game, you will need to download and install this App, then visit www.RocksInMySocksBooks.com/RockLauncher to download and print the free Augmented Reality Rock Launcher game image target. Once it is printed, point your iPad2+ camera at the image…and..GET READY FOR THE FUN TO BEGIN! From GREATFORALL: I simply cannot stop playing Rock Launcher! What a fun idea, and the story itself is very meaningful! I have tried of all the activities and would have to say Gracie dancing is my favorite! I would like to see some awards or achievements for Rock Launcher, and I will eagerly be awaiting updates! Rocks In My Socks Book: 8 Augmented Reality activities: *IMPORTANT NOTE: To experience the other 8 Rocks In My Socks Augmented Reality games, you will need the Rocks In My Socks book. The book is not included in this App. To purchase and find out more about the book, please visit: www.RocksInMySocksBook.com/About Bring story time to life with one of the first Augmented Reality enhanced story and activity books, Rocks In My Socks, targeted at pre-school and school age children from 4 to 7 years old. Build with groundbreaking technology and bursting with stimulating activities, this unique book combines an endearing story and characters with 8 interactive games, accessible by downloading this Free Rocks In My Socks App, (plus an additional 5 manual games) to further engage and excite young readers…It’s a book like nothing you have experienced before! Augmented Reality activities Include: Kia’s Dino Shadow Matching Game Emilio’s Silly Riddle Game Gracie’s Dance-Time Jamboree Kia’s Silly Sock Matching Game HighTower’s Music & Color Emilio’s Favorite Sports Matching Game Kia’s Favorite Thing’s Shadow Matching Gracie’s Colorful Hat Matching Game This App’s many features include: -Lively interactive games that responds to your child’s touch -Hand to eye coordination challenges -Color recognition and matching games -Shadow and object association and matching -Music and color association with a 3D keyboard to play your favorite songs -Get a bit of exercise with the 3D animated Gracie showing her favorite dance moves -Easy instruction screens accessible anytime -More AR fun can be found at RocksInMySocksBook.com/Fun From Mock31997: I tried this app out and I thought it was phenomenal. I showed it to some relatives of mine and they loved it. Rocks in my socks is a lot of fun and good for the mind. Just awesome. We welcome your feedback. Please share your thoughts in a review below or by emailing contact@RocksInMySocksBook.com Please note that we are supporting iOS 5 Don’t forget - if you also own an iPod touch 4th Generation and/or iPhone iOS5 - you will also need to download that FREE App on the individual device.


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