Rogers Mushrooms: Fungi of Europe and North America (Lite)


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NOTE: THIS IS THE 'LITE' VERSION OF ROGER’S MUSHROOMS. IT OFFERS THE SAME FUNCTIONALITY AS THE PRO VERSION OF THE SAME APP, AND THEREFORE ALLOWS YOU TO TEST THE APP BEFORE UPGRADING TO THE PRO VERSION. THE LITE VERSION OF THE APP STORES A MUCH SMALLER SELECTION OF MUSHROOMS WITHIN ITS DATABASE THAN THE PRO VERSION DESCRIBED BELOW AND ONLY GIVES YOU A TASTER OF THE SOCIAL FEATURES AVAILABLE TO PRO USERS. Roger’s Mushrooms is based upon the best selling works of Roger Phillips, author of Mushrooms, the worldwide best-selling mushroom and fungi book. The app uses high resolution, zoomable photos that can be accessed in the field with no internet connection. PLEASE NOTE THAT, FOR THIS REASON, THE APP SIZE IS LARGE AND TAKES SOME TIME TO DOWNLOAD. This Lite version is limited to 63 species and can be unlocked with an upgrade to the Pro version containing over 1,600 species. The Roger’s Mushrooms App is the perfect tool for learning about and identifying mushrooms, and for networking with other mushroom hunters. The app offers the most complete catalogue of wild mushrooms and fungi across Europe and North America, featuring over 2,600 photographs of 1,650 fungi species that have been collected in the wild by renowned mycologist and best selling author Roger Phillips and other senior mycologists from America and Europe. Roger also introduces users to cooking mushrooms and shares some of his favourite mushroom recipes for users to try out. Users can personalise their experience by adding comments and images throughout the app, and by recording details of the mushrooms they spot on a satellite map. Multiple social features are integrated including being able to engage the wider user group in helping identify mushrooms, and inviting other users on mushroom forays. No internet connection is needed to access the mushroom database enabling you to identify mushrooms in the field. Key Features: Learn about and identify mushrooms through: * Detailed descriptions for over 1,650 mushroom species * Over 2,600 photographs, all zoomable using both tap-to-zoom or standard pinch-zooming * Comprehensive database with the ability to search and browse species by common name as well as latin name. Common name languages include English, French, German and Hungarian * Filter mushrooms by: visual appearance characteristics (stem, cap, underside, colour, size, flesh, spore colour), edibility (choice, edible, inedible, hallucinogenic, poisonous, and deadly), habitat and location * Invite other users to help you in identifying a mushroom through ‘MyFinds’ * Overviews of the 30 most important mushroom genera * Introductory overviews on foraging for mushrooms and the mushroom anatomy * Quiz for identifying mushrooms based on images, latin or common names * Opt-in ‘Mushroom of the Week’ notifications * Descriptions include microscopic spore print analysis for more accurate identification Social Features * View, like and share other users’ content across the app. * Share content through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, email and twitter * Messages: send other users direct messages within the app * Invitations: send other users invitations to your events e.g. a mushroom foray Personalisation * Record details of the mushrooms you spot in the wild for future reference, including: exact geographical location, time, photographs and key characteristics * Add your own comments and images across the app * Shape the way the information on the app is presented to you through ‘my preferences’ * Add mushrooms and recipes to your favourites list for easy access Eat Mushrooms * Browse Roger’s favourite mushroom recipes * Upload your own mushroom recipes * Browse other users’ mushroom recipes * Rate recipes you’ve tried and add the best recipes to your favourites Praise for Roger’s books. 'To call it the mushroomers' bible is to understate the reverence enthusiasts have for it...' -- The London Review of Books 'A masterpiece of identification.' David Bellamy


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1

Size: 22.35 MB


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Developed by Roger's Plants Ltd

Day of release: 2010-05-8

Recommended age: 17+

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