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Roly Poly and The Lizard

Game Description for Roly Poly and The Lizard Game Roly Poly Pill Bug is out for a stroll over mossy logs under the light of a quarter moon. Roly Poly ...

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Game Description for Roly Poly and The Lizard Game Roly Poly Pill Bug is out for a stroll over mossy logs under the light of a quarter moon. Roly Poly likes to eat leaves, algae and compost bins are favorite places to scurry under to hide. Unfortunately, a cast of mortal characters are out to interrupt this evening walk. Afraid of being seen with a flashlight, and dodging a very hungry Larry the Lizard, Roly Poly Pill Bug crouches in the leaves, pebbles and boulders, with hope to return home safely before the little boy catches her in his bug jar which he intends to take to school for "Show and Tell." All the while moving faster and faster in this game, you can help Roly Poly Pill Bug collect points on the journey back to the stump lair as long as you don't allow Poly to be eaten, caught or exposed to the light. Earn points for your pill bug by eating favorite foods such as dead leaves, algae plants or yummy compost in the compost bin. If you would rather "roll" through this game instead of crawl, select a curled Roly Poly Pill Bug at the start of the game and enjoy watching your favorite Pill Bug character bounce like a ball down the log path. Game Features * Learn about insect character behavior in a FREE to download and play natural habitat game. * Playful, upbeat walking music makes this game fun to play on a mobile device. * Free character selection of 4 animated characters! Pick either a naturally crawling animated gray pill bug, a curled pill bug, a moonglow blue crawling pill bug, or a rolling raspberry pink ball bug. * Tap or click the character to jump between the logs as well as jump over natural enemies * Release allows character to simply crawl normally across the log to eat favorite foods: dead leaves, algae, and compost * Character will not survive if it collides with the flashlight, is eaten by Larry the Lizard or caught by the little boy with the bug jar. So watch out for Larry's tongue and double enemies which can make this game very challenging! * "Remove Ads" paid feature available * Paid "Kid's Mode" feature available allows player to live forever if Roly Poly hits an enemy. But will not protect Roly Poly if he falls off the log. * "Kid's Mode Off" Button also included. * Game Center enabled. * Additional Social upgrades to be added soon in future release versions. * Additional languages to be added in future releases. About Pill Bugs or Roly Poly Bugs Feared by gardeners and adored by children, pill bugs are not really bugs nor insects. They’re terrestrial crustaceans known as isopods. They are the only crustacean that spends it's entire life on land. Although they look somewhat like miniature armadillos, they are more like shrimp and lobsters because they breathe through gills, only not underwater. However, since gills pretty much require water in order to function well, water from a pill bug's preferred damp habitats, such as under rocks, potted plants or leaf litter helps them live. Favorite foods are mulch, wood, lawn clippings, and fresh shoots of water-rich decorative plants such as hostas. Also called roly poly, rollie-pollies, chiggy-wigs or potato bugs, the best known species in the family is Armadillidium vulgare, or the common pill bug. Their primary defense mechanism from predators is to "roll" into a pill-shaped ball so that the hard outer shell can protect their soft belly and they can live as long as 3 years. If you want to keep a pet pill bug as an experiment, it will require a very moist habitat with limited light. Although sometimes viewed as a house maintenance nuisance insect, pill bugs do not spread diseases or contaminate food.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 23.14 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Mountain Woods Media, LLC

Day of release: 2013-07-2

Recommended age: 4+

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