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Roundtable, Powered by Meetings Made EZ -The only Meeting Assistant and Note-taking app that will make you stand out in your next meeting or group gathering ...

Discontinued App


Roundtable, Powered by Meetings Made EZ -The only Meeting Assistant and Note-taking app that will make you stand out in your next meeting or group gathering ... Promise! Ever been with a group or in a meeting where everyone did a quick introduction but you just couldn't remember the name of the man two seats over on the right or the woman in the blue blouse directly across from you? With the Roundtable app the problem is solved! Now you have all the tools you need in one great app to remember the face and the name plus so much more. Roundtable lets you capture the actual face /or avatar and names of the people in the group or meeting. Then place the name/picture/or avatar in the exact spot that they are in the room. Roundtable … Easy as 1,2,3 •First - Pick the shape of the table in the room or from an open room. Open rooms also work great for conference calls. Set the Name, Date and Time of the meeting. •Second - Choose the number of people attending the meeting •Third - Import a contact from Your Phone Address Book, Contact List or Social Network. Or add attendee manually and capture a face picture of the individual and add their name and contact information Feature Highlights **** Visual **** •Choose the day in calendar and plan your meetings •Create a visual replica of your meeting •Select the number of attendees with an accurate seating plan and table arrangement •Make a seating chart before the meeting with number of tables and attendees •Choice of 5 different table types (round, oval, rectangular, square, t-table) •Choice of open or conference room **** Information *** •Take a real photo for each attendee’s avatar or import from Contacts •Pick the attendee and take notes for him/her in the meeting •Take general notes in the meeting •Share notes via Dropbox or Google Drive and send them to yourself or others via email •See all notes of attendee on his/her profile in the meeting •Add or delete any attendee from the meeting •Add attendee to Contact List in the application and see all attendee's meetings and notes in one place. •Add or delete any table from the meeting •Change the attendee's location •Add or delete any table from the meeting ****Recordings**** •Record, write, edit and share meeting details via email, Dropbox, Google Drive •Recordings can be sent via email to yourself or to others •Record the audio of the meeting with playback and pause settings •Audio data can be recorded and saved on the device •Record and type notes simultaneously •Create a bookmark in the audio record during typing the note and then play the audio from the place you need. •Record teleconferences or phone calls for later review. ROUNDTABLE supports iPhone and iPad versions of iOS 7 and iOS 8. Have an extra minute? Check out our demo video https://youtu.be/19QwuHLGHjs For more information please visit our website at roundtable-app.com or email us with any questions at support@roundtable-app.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1

Size: 21.68 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Ideas to Reality Enterprises

Day of release: 2013-11-24

Recommended age: 4+

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