Ruminate is the ultimate way to outline papers and organize research. Now with expanded reference capabilities, more options for sharing, and plenty more, ...

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Ruminate is the ultimate way to outline papers and organize research. Now with expanded reference capabilities, more options for sharing, and plenty more, the App Store's only text-focused mind mapping app is back and better than ever! Don't just think: Ruminate. Quickly and easily combine your ideas with the electronic and hardcopy sources to create fluid and comprehensive outlines. More than just a digital whiteboard or a mind-mapping app, Ruminate is a dynamic space to combine your thoughts with your sources and makes it simpler to produce great pieces of writing. • Seamlessly import text from the Internet: highlight text within Ruminate's web viewer and cite that text within your outline with one tap. Ruminate automatically creates a reference for you, importing all page information (URL, page title, and author and description if available) • Import your own documents, PDFs, presentations and more as references • Effortlessly link and arrange thought bubbles as your outline takes shape • Export as text, complete with full bibliography including all sources cited in the outline • Export as an image, to print or view your outlines • Export complete outlines to share with other Ruminate users Ruminate is a simple but powerful tool for thinkers, researchers and writers of all levels, providing a place to explore ideas, research topics and plan projects. It enables seamless arrangement and linking of your own thoughts and imported information which can then be exported as a ready-to-edit text file in whatever word processing software you prefer. So what do you want to create today? Working on a paper? Use Ruminate to clarify your thesis, outline your arguments, and locate sources of supporting evidence. Easily re-arrange and edit your outline as you go, and find the optimal arrangement for your paper. Ruminate helps you find sources online, allows you to import your own PDF and document sources, and keeps track of your references for you, so you're never searching for that lost research paper or that hard-to-find article. Drafting a proposal or report? Ruminate's fluid interface helps you construct a logical arrangement for a quick, concise topic summary. Find supporting evidence for your key insights in almost any journal, news source or corporate website, or import your own PowerPoints, Excel Spreadsheets, documents or PDFs. Writing an essay, short story or novel? Ruminate is the perfect medium for crafting your narrative, letting you visually arrange your ideas, interweave multiple story lines and complex chronology, and construct a compelling plot structure. Research settings, characters, and reference any other work or writing guide as you go along. Ruminate takes care of the organization, allowing you to focus on your story. Whatever you're working on, for work, school, or to satisfy your own creative impulses, Ruminate can help make it better. And we want you to help us make Ruminate better. Tell us what you think: tell us what you love, tell us what you hate, tell us what it needs. We want Ruminate to grow into a comprehensive planning tool, and we need your input. So what are you waiting for? Don't just think about it. Ruminate.


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Version: 2.1.0

Size: 4.86 MB


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Developed by Toward Entelechy

Day of release: 2011-02-13

Recommended age: 17+

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