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Description Rummage Hunter is now the world`s largest Thrift shop directory!! That's right folks the world`s largest over 27,000 Thrift ...

Discontinued App


Description Rummage Hunter is now the world’s largest Thrift shop directory!! That's right folks the world’s largest over 27,000 Thrift shops and growing daily, so if you are going interstate, overseas or just across town Rummage Hunter is your pocket app to navigate you to find that next hidden treasure and help worthy charities. Rummage Hunter makes it easier to find Thrift shops, garage/yard sales, Community events & markets all while you’re out and about. Rummage Hunter provides effective, value for money advertising if you are having a garage/yard sale, Community event or you just want to sell an item. Rummage Hunter aims to provide you with an effective means to plan and hold a successful garage sale. Whether you're moving house or just having a clean-up, there's no doubt that having a garage sale is the easiest most effective way of selling almost anything from used furniture, used appliances, white goods, pre-loved clothing and bric-a-brac. Also if you didn't sell everything and you feel you could donate the usable items that are left over to you nearest charity that can be located with a contact number on Rummage Hunter. Rummage Hunter will assist you to find the sale or shop in any area (within a 10, 20, 30 & 50Km radius of your location) that you want to attend and combined with directional maps you can safely navigate to your chosen sale. Features: Locate sales within a 10, 20, 30 & 50Km radius of your mobile position. Uses Geo-Navigation to guide you to your chosen sale or Thrift Shop. Rummage Hunter is a worldwide Thrift Shop directory that you can take anywhere.


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Version: 1.4

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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