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EchoMobi® Travel Speak Multi-Lingual Talking Translator Phrasebook with PhraseLogic® PRODUCT OVERVIEW - Use EchoMobi® Pro to instantly speak another ...

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EchoMobi® Travel Speak Multi-Lingual Talking Translator Phrasebook with PhraseLogic® PRODUCT OVERVIEW - Use EchoMobi® Pro to instantly speak another language with no prior knowledge necessary! - Award winning instant talking translator with 22 patents pending. No reading through endless lists to find your phrase – just point and click to speak instantly and even learn the basics of the language so you can make the most of your vacation, communicate with locals and speak the lingo! Our most comprehensive talking translator application for business and tourist travel. - No internet connection required after installation KEY FEATURES - Patent Pending Translator & Communicator - 240 Categories including 40 for Business Travel - 110000+ build-your-own PhraseLogic® sentences to communicate instantly! - Real native voice clear pronunciation! - For home, fun, study or vacation - Learn as you go! - Recommended by schools and language teachers worldwide. EchoMobi® PRODUCT RANGE - EchoMobi® 1 x Language Pack - EchoMobi® 3 x Language Packs Get 1 Pack FREE! - EchoMobi® 5 x Language Packs Get 2 Packs FREE! - EchoMobi® Travel Pro Complete - Get ALL available Language Packs! HOW TO USE - After the language pack(s) download, you can use it in flight mode. - Just follow the green highlighted buttons for real time phrase building in the correct order for the target language; technology that lets you to instantaneously translate your chosen phrases from a Category and learn as you go! - Spoken in a clear native voice direct from your device, you'll find yourself picking up new languages in no time at all. And with our unique user interface, finding the right category is easy; no need to scroll through lists of sentences, just instantly point and speak! LANGUAGE PACKS - Each Language Pack is a combination of a Source Language, normally your native language, (e.g. English) and a Target Language, the language which you want to communicate in instantly or learn (e.g. French). - Impress your friends and family - Speak several foreign languages perfectly! There are hundreds of Language Packs to choose from – see list below (available languages as a source and as a target language): - Arabic - Dutch - English - French - German - Greek - Hebrew - Hindi - Hungarian - Italian - Japanese - Korean - Mandarin (simplified Chinese) - Polish - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish - Turkish - Urdu - Vietnamese It’s a whole new way to communicate! EchoMobi® Now you’re talking!™ Please review to help us improve our products.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.03

Size: 1.23 MB


Price: 9,00 €

Developed by MediaNet

Day of release: 2009-12-17

Recommended age: 4+

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